Tell Your Kids to Go Play on the Floor

It’s not such a bad thing when you have rugs like these! I mean, let’s face it. Little kids are already happy to play on the floor anyway, but why not make it a little more comfortable and a little more fun while they’re at it?

Below are six options with scenes ranging from construction zones to a drive through a scenic village, with prices starting at just $12.99.

  • Over the River and Through the Rug 1 of 6
    Over the River and Through the Rug
    This is the nicest play rug I've seen by far (that's it above, too.). The quality is superb and the colors are lovely.
    4'x6', Available at The Land of Nod for $259
  • Under Construction Kids’ Rug 2 of 6
    Under Construction Kids' Rug
    A visit to a construction site, complete with bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, and cement mixers galore.
    3'3"x6'7", Available at Hertz Furniture for $44
  • Lillabo Play Mat 3 of 6
    Lillabo Play Mat
    This one features a road, a parking lot, a racetrack, a construction site, and even a helipad.
    3'3"x4'4", Available at IKEA for $12.99
  • Driving Time Rug 4 of 6
    Driving Time Rug
    Plenty of roadway for your little ones to play on. Beep, beep!
    4'3"x6'6", Available at Amazon for $60.99
  • Lekplats Play Mat 5 of 6
    Lekplats Play Mat
    Around the world, from the desert, to the mountains, to the poles… all conveniently condensed.
    4'4"x4'7", Available at IKEA for $14.99
  • Country Fun Play Rug 6 of 6
    Country Fun Play Rug
    A more pastoral village scene, with cows, a river with ducks, and a train going by.
    1'7"x2'5", Available at Amazon for $15.29

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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