Thanksgiving Games for the Kid's Table

With all of the lively conversation and outbursts of laughter from the adult Thanksgiving table, the kid’s table can be one of two things: 1. boring, or 2. chaotic. While my colleague Sunny found awesome Thanksgiving games for the entire family, here are some fun Thanksgiving games to keep the kiddos occupied and out of trouble:

1. Tree of Thanks

If you want to keep kids occupied while still staying true to the meaning of Thanksgiving, this is a sweet DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. The kids can label the leaves with what they’re thankful for, or you could create a fun Thanksgiving game out of it. Find out how to make it at Fiskars.

2. Turkey Trivia Place Card from Martha Stewart

For kids a little bit older, Martha Stewart has an adorable, easy craft that can keep kids busy by answering Thanksgiving trivia questions. Add some fun Thanksgiving quotes, historical facts and fun family jokes, like “What year did the Mayflower arrive at Plymouth Rock?” and “What Thanksgiving side dish did Aunt Betty burn to a crisp last year?” Get the printable template and step-by-step directions from Martha Stewart.

3. Story Dice

Remember a few weeks back I told you about this sweet family game from Etsy, where everyone takes turns rolling dice and telling stories based on the pictures that come up? This is basically the same idea, but only with Thanksgiving-themed pictures. You can either buy a pre-made game from Etsy (the one pictured above is $7 from MamaRoots), or you can find a plain wooden dice and stamp them with Thanksgiving-related stamps, such as a turkey, pilgrim, boat and cornucopia.

Liz also found another really cute Thanksgiving game here!

4. Thanksgiving coloring pages and Thanksgiving crosswords

If all else fails, keep the kids occupied with classic Thanksgiving activities like coloring pages and word searches. And isn’t that pilgrim crayon container so cute? (Find out how to make it at Fiskars.) Here are some free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages and other Thanksgiving activities that you can find here.

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Article Posted 8 years Ago

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