Stripes are Always In: Oh-So-Iconic Scalamandré Zebra Wallpaper

I was out shopping with my little girl, and she was enamored by the iconic Scalamandré Zebra wallpaper we saw in the bathroom of the Chicago Kate Spade store. We’re about to move, and she told me (quite seriously) that we should have wallpaper like that in our new house. I told her I’d think about it, and thought, haha, you’re a very cute little four-year-old. Of course you’d like wallpaper with giant zebras all over our house.

But now, a few days later, I’m thinking she’s on to something…

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    The Best Uses of Scalamandré Zebra Wallpaper

    Here are some of the best bathrooms and powder rooms featuring this fantastic design.

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  • Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper 2 of 15

    The original Scalamandré Zebra Wallpaper was designed with black and white zebras against a red background, known as "Masai Red."

  • Different Colorways 3 of 15
    Scalamandré Zebras Colorways

    The pattern is also currently available in nine other colorways: gold, silver, zanzibar gold, serengeti green, black, yellow, safari brown, periwinkle, and denim.

  • The Original Use 4 of 15
    Ginos Restaurant Scalamandré Zebra Wallpaper

    The wallpaper first appeared at Gino's Restaurant in NYC, which opened in 1945 and was in business until 2010. Apparently the owner could not afford a hunting/safari trip to Africa, but he reasoned that he could at least afford zebra wallpaper and commissioned his friend, Scalamandré to design something for him. This iconic wallpaper is the result.

  • Royal Zebras 5 of 15
    Scalamandré Zebra Wallpaper in the Royal Tennenbaums

    And fans of Wes Anderson may recognize the wallpaper as Margot's in The Royal Tenenbaums.

  • Kate Spade’s Bathroom 6 of 15
    Kate Spade's Scalamandre Zebras Green Wallpapered Bathroom

    Not only has Kate Spade used the pattern in her shop's bathroom, she used it (this time in green) in her own as well.

  • Bathroom by Miles Redd 7 of 15
    Bathroom by Miles Redd

    In fact, it seems that most people use the wallpaper in bathrooms and powder rooms. Like in this one, by Miles Redd, which appeared in Elle Decor.

  • Massucco Warner Miller Powder Room 8 of 15
    massucco warner miller powder room

    And an example in brown, by Massucco Warner Miller.

  • Liz Caan Powder Room 9 of 15
    Liz Caan Powder Room

    Another example of classic red in this powder room by Liz Caan.

  • Lindsey Harper’s Zebra Wallpaper 10 of 15
    Lindsey Harper's Zebra Wallpaper

    And another. This is Lindsey Harper's bathroom.

  • Kate’s Yellow Zebra Wallpaper 11 of 15
    Kate's Yellow Zebra Wallpaper

    But how cute is it in this zingy yellow? This is the bathroom of Kate, a reader of Desire to Inspire.

  • Kate’s Black Zebra Wallpaper 12 of 15
    Kate's Black Zebra Wallpaper

    I guess Kate really likes this wallpaper?

  • Bathroom in Progress by Erin Gates 13 of 15
    Bathroom in Progress by Erin Gates

    I think green is my favorite. This bathroom is still a work in progress, by Erin Gates, but you can just tell how amazing it will be when it's finished.

  • Jamie Meares’ Zebra Wallpaper 14 of 15
    Jamie Mears' Scalamandre Zebras

    All right, one last one for good measure. And it's not even a bathroom this time! A little shelving/bar area, by Jamie Meares.

  • Where to Buy Scalamandre Zebras Wallpaper 15 of 15
    Scalamandré Zebras Wallpaper

    Intriguing little pattern, right? If you want to get your hands on some, it's available for $127.50/roll at Decorator's Best. It's also available to the trade directly from Scalamandré.

    Would you use this bold pattern in your home?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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