The 10 Weirdest Things Made With Mason Jars

From hamster homes to pulsing jet engines, mason jar crafts keep getting weirder better and better. Did you know you could make a wine glass out of one? Keeping it classy. I’m sure you’ve gawked at cakes in jars and twinkling mason jar light fixtures, heck even Ryan Gosling loves a mason jar, but now it’s all about checking out The 10 Weirdest Things Made With a Mason Jar…

  • Pulsing Jar Jet Engine 1 of 10
    Pulsing Jar Jet Engine
    Did you know you could make a jet engine in your own home? Make sure to wear safety goggles.
    Get the tutorial at Mad Science.
  • Mini Blender 2 of 10
    Mini Blender
    No need for a Magic Bullet when you can use a mason jar.
    Check it out at Real Simple.
  • Temporary Hamster Home 3 of 10
    Temporary Hamster Home
    While cleaning out the hamster cage, this owner gives his hamster a home in a mason jar.
    Check it out at Flickr.
  • Magnetic Unit 4 of 10
    Magnetic Unit
    Experiment with the power of magnetism in this wild experiment.
    Check it out at Craft Knife.
  • Wine Glasses 5 of 10
    Wine Glasses
    Buy a mason jar wine glass or make one of your own by gluing a mason jar to a glass candlestick.
    Spotted at The FW.
  • Speakers 6 of 10
    Use household items to make yourself a set of rockin' speakers.
    Check it out at David A. Mellis.
  • Water & Grain Feeder 7 of 10
    Water & Grain Feeder
    Keep the chickens well fed with a water & grain feeder out of a mason jar.
    Check it out at 10 Engines.
  • Suckin’ Up Bugs 8 of 10
    Suckin' Up Bugs
    Suck up bugs through a straw and into your mason jar bug catcher.
    Find out more at Adventures in WAHM Land.
  • Dirt in a Jar 9 of 10
    Dirt in a Jar
    A one-of-a-kind party favor.
    Find out more at Brown Paper Packages.
  • Making a Cloud 10 of 10
    Making a Cloud
    Make a cloud inside a mason jar. This makes for a great science experiment.
    Find out more at National Weather Service.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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