The Best Baby Shower Invites

There’s a lot — and we mean a lot — of responsibility that comes along with pregnancy, well before parenting is required. There’s the whole human growing thing, sure, but what about the endless health concerns, doctors appointments and baby gear research (hi, there). Oh, and then you’re expected to be a party planner as well.

Granted not all moms partake in the baby shower planning, but most would like a say in the guest list, themes, invitations, etc. But do you know how many baby shower invitations are out there? No, I mean, do you seriously know how many endless options there are?

I know because I helped the Babble team put together our Babble Best: Baby Shower Invitations feature, where we sifted through thousands upon thousands of cards to find our absolute favorites for any taste, gender and budget. So to make your to-do list that much shorter, check out our picks.

Here are my personal favorite baby shower invitations:

Aren’t these handmade letterpress invitations from Sweet Harvey just gorgeous? ¬†Even though we named it “Best for Girls,” the entire design is customizable for either gender. ($175 for 50.)

This one makes me smile. It’s not exactly traditional, but it sure indicates that the shower will be a fun-loving party! You can find it at Minted.com or read more about it as our “Best Modern” pick. ($130 for 50.)

This might not be the most affordable option at $3.50 a pop — especially if you’re having a big party — but have you ever received an invite made from wood? This Owl Basket invitation from Night Owl Paper Goods snagged our “Best Eco-Friendly” spot for their innovative design.

And for all of you who like a good bargain, these free — yes, free — invitations are designed by the fabulous Hello!Lucky (which traditionally sells baby announcements but not shower invites) on Pingg.com! Keep in mind that these are only e-vites, but aren’t we all living in an electronic world already?

If you’re looking for an affordable option in hardcopy, we feature some great printable options from Etsy that are under $20, like this Mums invite by Sweet Pea Baby. ¬†(You’ll find more under “Reader’s Picks.”)

And for those that prefer fill-in invites, you have more stylish options than the 10-pack in Rite Aid. These letterpress shower invitations from Ink + Wit are simply gorgeous. ($120 for 50.)

For the full list of our favorite baby shower invitations, click here.

And if you’re in the market for baby announcements too, we’ve got you covered.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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