The Best Double Strollers. Period.

double stroller

As parents, we understand how utterly overwhelming certain aspects of daily life can be — especially with more than one child. If you have to go to the store, take a trip or stroll to the park, you’ll need a way to transport not one but two or even three — sometimes four! — little ones. And if you have twin infant car seats? Forget about it.

Double strollers are a necessity in so many lives, yet they’re generally viewed as these nightmarish monstrosities that are difficult to maneuver and impossible to store.


Babble took on the task of testing dozens of double strollers to find THEE best ones for every priority and budget, for which I, personally, had what looked like a small stroller store in my apartment. (You should have seen the looks on people’s faces when they walked in! Priceless.) Because I logged so many hours hill climbing, sidewalk strolling and trail jogging, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you my absolute favorites that everyone should consider…

The Baby Jogger City Select (above) actually made my husband consider trying for a second child. I’m not even kidding. And after the testing was said and done, it ended up snagged our top “Best Overall” spot. Just look at the different positions and uses:

best double strollers

It goes from a single to a double with 16 different combinations! All of the accessories are separate (and the single stroller starts at $450), but technically it can last a lot longer than a normal stroller. Plus, being a “luxury stroller,” the features are off the charts! (Read more about it here.)

double stroller

While the City Select is awesome in it’s versatility, if I had to pick one for myself to use, it would be this Valco Baby Ion for 2. (By the way, anyone with more than two kids and/or looking for a double jogging stroller¬†needs to check out our review of the Valco Baby Trimode Twin EX. It’s an AMAZING stroller!) This Valco Ion for 2, however, is incredibly lightweight, narrow, easy to maneuver and comfortable for kids (from birth on up) in it’s pod-like design. It also has an incredible amount of storage.

double stroller

My other favorite, which rivals the Valco Baby, is this Maclaren Twin Triumph. While it doesn’t have the storage, bumper bars or cushiony interior of the Valco — oh my goodness is it easy to use. EASY! And LIGHT! If you have kids out of the infant stage, definitely look into this Maclaren stroller for daily use.

double stroller

And in case you missed our announcement, Bugaboo recently unveiled a brand new double stroller, called the Bugaboo Donkey (we know, we know). It isn’t expected to hit shelves until Spring 2011 (at an unknown price) but it looks INSANE. Read more about it here.

*For more strollers, including our Best Urban, Best Convertible and Best Affordable, read the full feature.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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