The Best Nursing Bras

The first time around, nursing bras are something that you just don’t think about until you’ve had the baby and then who has the time in those first few weeks to run out shopping or even get on line to shop? Honestly, it may be difficult to do ahead of time anyway because you really have no idea just what size those things will become! But you can at least start thinking about brands and where to buy them. When I was pregnant with my first I bought some nursing bras toward the end of my pregnancy because none of my other bras were fitting and also I wanted bras with no underwire. But I didn’t ask around and just bought the first (horrific looking) things I found at my nearest maternity store. Neither of them worked out. One was terribly uncomfortable and the other… well let’s just say it wasn’t very attractive (quote from husband: “where did you buy that? the old lady store?”) Enough said. Let’s explore some options…

First of all, my tried and true, everyday favorite: the nursing bra tanks from Glamourmom.

I lived in these after my first pregnancy and am doing so again the second time around. The great thing about them is that you can lift up your shirt in public and not expose your mid-section, which of course we’re all pretty self conscious about post-partum. Definitely a huge plus. AND the best news is that they have come out with a couple of new styles– the nursing bra tank with tummy control and also a nursing bra tank full bust version. I’m a D cup when not nursing/pregnant and found the bra tanks supportive so will be looking forward to trying this out. Keep in mind that the downside to the nursing tank is that you won’t really want to wear this extra layer in hot weather.

Another option is the extremely pretty¬†Elle Macpherson Intimates La Mere Maternity Bra (see top photo).You will definitely feel anything but frumpy in this one. However, this is not the right choice if you are anything over a C cup. It’s just not supportive enough, unfortunately. I bought mine a few months into nursing thinking I’d found the sexy alternative to the usual nursing bra and after wearing it in real life was disappointed to find that it wasn’t the right style for me.

But the good news is that this time around I found that the Elle Macpherson line had come out with another style that may not be quite as sexy as the La Mere but still cute and works very well for D + cup sizes.

It’s called the Maternelle Nursing Bra. It is supportive, attractive, and very comfortable. I have it in both the pink and the black and am extremely happy with them.

How about you? If you’ve already been down this road, would love to hear which nursing bras worked for you!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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