The Best Toys of The Year!

I am always on the hunt for the best toys out there. This year, babble did the work for me! They sent two of their bloggers to the New York Toy Fair to find the best of what the toy world has to offer! Here are my favorites of what they found. You can check out the whole list here. Have fun with the findings!

  • Click through to see all the fun! 1 of 26
    Click through to see all the fun!
  • Surprise Ball 2 of 26
    Surprise Ball
    This is such a fun and simple idea. Baby will love it!
    Buy it here for $9.99 at Toys R Us.
  • Fun Globe 3 of 26
    Fun Globe
    A fun and bright educational globe. The kiddos will love it for years to come!
    Buy it here for $24.99 at Target.
  • Plane Swing 4 of 26
    Plane Swing
    A padded and totally washable swing. I love the colors.
    Buy it here for $128 at Haba.
  • DJ Ball 5 of 26
    DJ Ball
    A DJ turntable set when it's open and a fun musical ball when it's closed. Genius!
    Buy it here for $21.99 at Hasbro.
  • Peek-a-boo Panda 6 of 26
    Peek-a-boo Panda
    This is one of my favorites. The panda is so adorable and the idea so simple. I love it!
    Buy it here for $7.99 at Melissa and Doug.
  • Play Gym 7 of 26
    Play Gym
    A fun play gym you can swap out the little games and toys. The colors are fantastic too.
    Buy it here for $49.99 at Infantino.
  • Glow Blocks 8 of 26
    Glow Blocks
    These blocks are colorful and fun, but they also glow in the dark! What kid doesn't love glow in the dark stuff?
    Buy them here for $22.99 at Smart Gear Toys.
  • 3-in-1 Scooter 9 of 26
    3-in-1 Scooter
    We have a mini kick scooter and love it. This 3 in 1 scooter seems perfect. It would last for years and grow with your child!
    Buy it here for $114 at Kickboard USA.
  • Cozy Car 10 of 26
    Cozy Car
    The classic car we all know and love but with a fun turning feature for parents to help out with. So clever.
    Buy it here for $59.99 at Step 2.
  • Wooden Peg Buttons 11 of 26
    Wooden Peg Buttons
    Beautiful colors, and you can't go wrong with wood.
    Buy it here for $49.99 at Haba.
  • Tube Trucks 12 of 26
    Tube Trucks
    What a genius idea! Tubes that turn into trucks! Any boy would love these.
    Buy them here for $9.99 at Uncommon Goods.
  • Lego Starter Kit 13 of 26
    Lego Starter Kit
    We are a big lego family. This starter kit would be the perfect gift for a little one just starting out.
    Buy them here for $19 at Lego.
  • Dino Croquet 14 of 26
    Dino Croquet
    Spring is here and this is the perfect outdoor game to play! Have some friends over or play as a family. The dinos are so fun.
    Buy it here for $30 at Manhattan Toy.
  • Fingerprint Art Kit 15 of 26
    Fingerprint Art Kit
    Get artsy with your fingerprints! This little kit is kind of perfect for your budding artist.
    Buy it here for $10 at Amazon.
  • Symphony 16 of 26
    B. toys knocks it out of the park again. This symphony toy is beautiful and so fun to play with. Great for the musically inclined child.
    Buy it here for $49.99 at Target.
  • Brick Stix 17 of 26
    Brick Stix
    These stickers go on your legos to dress them up and make them even more fun! The best part is they are reusable!
    Buy them here for $5.99 at Brick Stix.
  • Lay-N-Go 18 of 26
    This great design is perfect for lego play time and storage. So clever.
    Buy it here for $59.99 at Target.
  • Magnatab 19 of 26
    A fun way for your little one to practice their letters. I know my son would love this!
    Buy it here for $21.18 at Amazon.
  • Marble Run 20 of 26
    Marble Run
    This is so cool. We have to get this one. Marble runs are awesome, but this one you can change it up and design your own.So rad.
    Buy it here for $29.99 at FS USA Toys.
  • Decorate Your Own Pony 21 of 26
    Decorate Your Own Pony
    For your my little pony fans, let them decorate their very own!
    Buy it here for $4.99 at Hasboro.
  • Toobalink 22 of 26
    Making toys out of cardboard tubes? I love it!
    Buy them here for $34.99 at Toobalink.
  • Slack Lines 23 of 26
    Slack Lines
    Set one of these up in the backyard and have a little family contest while strengthening your core at the same time.
    Buy it here for $74.99 at Gibbon Slack Lines.
  • Pocket Discs 24 of 26
    Pocket Discs
    These fun little frisbee like discs are fantastic. They are small enough to fit in your pocket so of course they are great!
    Buy them here for $9.99 at Get The Phd.
  • Stunt Set 25 of 26
    Stunt Set
    For your bigger kids, let them have a blast with this stunt set. So fun!
    Buy it here for $79.99 at Mind Ware.
  • Scavenger Game 26 of 26
    Scavenger Game
    Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. This game creates countless scavenger hunts for you and your family to enjoy.
    Buy it here for $24.99 at Amazon.

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