The Best Vivid + Vibrant Kids Rooms

Childhood certainly isn’t a time characterized by muted tones and bare minimalism — it’s a time for vibrant, loud, busy spaces bursting with creativity, ingenuity and innocence. It’s a time to color outside the lines, jump in puddles and finger paint on the walls.

If you’re having a difficult time working with color, take a look at these 12 inspiring kids rooms that use color to capture the essence of childhood:

  • 1. Woodland Wonder 1 of 12
    1. Woodland Wonder
    Love the combination of dark, light + vibrant turquoise.
  • 2. Clean and Bright 2 of 12
    2. Clean and Bright
    While walls really allowed them to brighten up the room with different color furniture and accents.
  • 3. Bold Paint 3 of 12
    3. Bold Paint
    These parents certainly didn't hold back when it came to painting. A perfect example of why color shouldn't scare you.
  • 4. Pops of Color 4 of 12
    4. Pops of Color
    Another room that creates a colorful space without colorful paint.
  • 5. Bright + Modern 5 of 12
    5. Bright + Modern
    The bright pops of color against muted grey walls really makes this room stand out.
  • 6. Pattern Mashup 6 of 12
    6. Pattern Mashup
    Stripes, flowers, cars, geometric shapes -- they all have a place in this super fun kids room.
  • 7. Brighten Up a Small Space 7 of 12
    7. Brighten Up a Small Space
    You don't need a lot of room to create an inviting space, especially with the right colors.
  • 8. Girly Haven 8 of 12
    8. Girly Haven
    Love the mix of pink and red against an all white room.
  • 9. Busy Wallpaper 9 of 12
    9. Busy Wallpaper
    A perfect example of the power of wallpaper.
  • 10. High Contrast 10 of 12
    10. High Contrast
  • 11. Primary Colors 11 of 12
    11. Primary Colors
    The perfect color pairing for a simple, classic baby room.
  • 12. Vibrant Hues 12 of 12
    12. Vibrant Hues
    You might not necessarily think of putting all of these colors in one room, but it certainly works.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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