The Coolest Oz-Inspired Party Ideas

With the big release of Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful this weekend, we might see an increased interest in all things Oz. And something as whimsical and imaginative as the world of Oz lends itself perfectly to a PARTY!

Whether your child requests a Wizard of Oz party (as my 2 year old did) or you just think it would be a creative theme with an endless amount of inspiration (which it is), here are some of the coolest ideas for a Wizard of Oz birthday party — whether you’re inspired by the original classic or the new blockbuster prequel.

  • Wizard of Oz Party Ideas 1 of 25
    Everything you could ever need for a Wizard of Oz party is in the following slideshow...
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake 2 of 25
    A twist on the Pinterest-favorite "rainbow cake" — a SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW cake. It's the perfect excuse to finally try out this recipe.
    See more at Early Mama.
  • Cake Topper 3 of 25
    For the cake topper, I used black-and-white straws topped with little doll shoes (that we glittered).
    See more at Early Mama.
  • Rainbow Ceiling 4 of 25
    I hung streamers across the ceiling to create a rainbow over our heads. It took a lot of streamers, but I think it was worth it.
    See more at Early Mama.
  • Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons 5 of 25
    These paper lanterns were incredibly easy to make. I just wrapped a small box in brown butcher paper and attached it to the paper lantern with string.
    See more at Early Mama.
  • Make-Your-Own Wands 6 of 25
    Get some wooden dowels, wooden stars, and a bunch of craft materials (like glitter, glue, ribbon, and paint) from the craft store for a DIY wand station for kids.
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  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road 7 of 25
    I ran a Yellow Brick Road through the house — and it couldn't have been easier to make. I got a big roll of yellow paper (from our local The Teacher's Store) and painted bricks with a sponge and yellow paint.
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  • Outdoor Decorations 8 of 25
    Two things: A yellow-brick walkway, and a balloon rainbow.
    See more from Catch My Party.
  • Wicked Witch Cupcakes 9 of 25
    This brilliant idea is the work of Sweet Rewards in Brookfield, CT.
    See more at Flickr/Kelly Sweet Rewards.
  • Wicked Witch Cupcakes 10 of 25
    Another Wizard of Oz cupcake idea! If you can't find chocolate ice cream cones (for the witch's hat), you can dip sugar cones in chocolate — although that's a messier approach.
    See more at One Charming Party.
  • DIY Paper Poppies 11 of 25
    Make your own field of poppies out of tissue paper and wire!
    See more at French Home Made
  • Decorate Dorothy’s House 12 of 25
    Here's a cute activity idea for kids: Decorate Dorothy's (candy) house!
    See more at One Charming Party
  • The Lollipop Guild 13 of 25
    No "Wizard of Oz" party is complete without big colorful lollipops — Lollipop Guild style.
    See more at Early Mama.
  • Wizard of Oz Posters (Printable!) 14 of 25
    For only $11, you get four printable Wizard of Oz posters to decorate your party.
    Buy from Etsy.com/Sassaby, $11
  • Wizard of Oz Prints 15 of 25
    If you're willing to splurge, these Wizard of Oz prints are gorgeous.
    Buy these from Steve Thomas Art & Illustration, $48 each/$154 for all four.
  • Cheese Witch’s Broom 16 of 25
    Little brooms made from pretzels, string cheese, and chives. BRILLIANT!
    See more at Cocinando Con Catman.
  • Witch Hat Cookies 17 of 25
    These witch's hat cookies couldn't be easier: store-bought cookies, store-bought Hershey's kisses, and a little store-bought icing.
    See more from Ginger Snap Crafts
  • Melted Witches 18 of 25
    A candy party favor for your guests — how cute is this?
    See more at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.
  • Dorothy’s House 19 of 25
    This house was made with cardboard boxes, and I especially like the basket of ruby slippers for guests.
    See more at Fussy Monkey Business.
  • Herringbone Table Runner 20 of 25
    This DIY table runner idea would be a cute "yellow brick road" centerpiece for the party.
    See more at Ruffled
  • Sequin Applique Stir Sticks 21 of 25
    These DIY sequin star sticks in pink lemonade? How Glinda is this?!
    See more at The Inspired Bride.
  • Halloween Silhouettes (FREE Download) 22 of 25
    I love the idea of candy- or caramel-covered apples in a Wizard of Oz party (those pesky apple trees!), but especially with these wicked witch silhouettes, which you can download and print for free.
    See more at NoBiggie
  • Wizard of Oz Accessories 23 of 25
    For the "OZ" letters, we just painted and glittered wooden letters from a local craft store. We also had this Wizard of Oz Scanimation book out for guests to flip through.
    See more at Early Mama.
  • At-Home Tornado 24 of 25
    This tornado was made from black paper and black streamers, attached to A CEILING FAN that can be turned on! Hello?! Genius!
    See more at Bennett Gamel
  • Oz the Great and Powerful 25 of 25
    Or just go see the movie this weekend for more inspiration!


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