The Coolest Slides Ever (For Kids + Adults!)

As much as we all pretend to be adults — holding jobs, paying bills, raising kids — we’ll never be able to shake the kid inside of us. You know, the kid whose stomach drops at the site of a sky-high slide. Maybe that’s why slides are popping up all over the place, from mega-high monstrosities to elevator substitutions.

Take a look at some of our favorite play slides (and functional slides) for both kids and adults:

  • Family Fun 1 of 15
    Family Fun
    This concrete slide is at the Golden Gate State Park in San Francisco.
  • Who Needs the Stairs? 2 of 15
    Who Needs the Stairs?
    Way more fun than an escalator.
  • Stomach-Dropping Fun 3 of 15
    Stomach-Dropping Fun
    Wowza, that's one long climb up to the top. Would you be comfortable with your kids climbing up that high?
  • Coolest House Ever 4 of 15
    Coolest House Ever
    What kid wouldn't love to live here? Talk about a party house.
  • Playground? What For? 5 of 15
    Playground? What For?
    At least they have rainy day entertainment taken care of.
  • Modern-Day Banister 6 of 15
    Modern-Day Banister
    Kids have been sliding down banisters for decades -- and those kids have now grown up and installed slides.
  • Faster Than an Elevator 7 of 15
    Faster Than an Elevator
    Meet you at the car, mom!
  • Summer Fun 8 of 15
    Summer Fun
    Can't you just smell the funnel cake?
  • Mega Slide 9 of 15
    Mega Slide
    As an adult, could you really resist?
  • Hotel Check-Out at 10 a.m.: No Excuses 10 of 15
    Hotel Check-Out at 10 a.m.: No Excuses
    This is an actual hotel in Malaga.
  • Adding Excitement to Layovers 11 of 15
    Adding Excitement to Layovers
    An airport in Singapore.
  • Under the Cherry Blossoms 12 of 15
    Under the Cherry Blossoms
    What a pretty cherry blossom slide in Japan.
  • Art Meets Play 13 of 15
    Art Meets Play
    What a cool slide design!
  • For the Kid in Us All 14 of 15
    For the Kid in Us All
    Forget elevators -- these slides in London's Tate Gallery have grown adults squealing and giggling.
  • Another View of the Slides 15 of 15
    Another View of the Slides the Tate Gallery.

1. High Gloss Blue; 2. SF Gate; 3. Dornob; 4. Yay Hooray; 5. Pinterest; 6. Marvelous Kiddo; 7. Pinterest; 9. Pinterest; 9. Sunsurfer; 10. The Modern Life 11. Sunsurfer; 12. Sunsurfer 13. Fine Little Day; 14. zuzafun 15. zuzafun [Main image: Flickr]

How do these crazy-awesome slides compare to our most outrageous playhouses for kids?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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