Happy Bum, Happy Mum

Japashion Monkey ShortsSAHMs, WOHMs, breast is best, bottle feeders, TV opponents and junkies — we’ve all been caught in the middle of some great parental debate. Let’s admit it, us moms have a way of fighting about every little issue. But it’s good to know that even with so much dissent, there’s still one thing all moms can agree on: There’s nothing cuter than a baby bum. Nothing! (Okay, your baby’s is the cutest…we get it.)

With a funky design, extreme comfort level, and in-your-face cute factor, Japashion’s monkey pants have been selling out fast. But if you haven’t embraced the trend, rest assured, there’s a new kid in town just in time for summer.

The Japanese Monkey Shorts

No matter what your mom philosophy, you can rest assured your baby will look smashing coming or going. Lightweight and chemical free, there’s options for boys and polka-dot versions for girls if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s also a convenient tush panel that offer greater flexibility and range of motion with a smiley face on the bum.

Japashion Monkey Shorts Girls

And since they’re brand new, you’ll score all the bragging rights when the other moms start flocking to your bench at the playground.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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