The EASIEST DIY Snow Globe

My toddler has two current obsessions: 1) Snow globes (the ONLY thing he wants for Christmas), and 2) our Christmas tree.

I’ve always been on team Real Christmas Tree, but after a long history of bad tree ownership, we graciously accepted a teeny tiny 4-ft. fake Martha Stewart tree from my Aunt — and we all love it. It’s the perfect size for a small family, without any of the maintenance or mess. (I’m sure we’ll switch back to real Christmas trees as the family grows, but as of right now, my toddler could sit and stare at it all day.)

So I decided to surprise my little one with a little DIY snow globe featuring his most favorite tree. It’s so easy that any kid could help out, and it can seriously be done in 10 minutes:

  • 1. Print out two photos 1 of 8
    1. Print out two photos
    I used my fancy new Canon PIXMA and glossy photo paper to print two smaller photos, on the Youkei 6 setting (which is 3.86" x 7.48"). But you'll just want to use whatever size works best for the jar/container. (I used one of the many, many mason jars lying around — but you can use pretty much anything in your cupboard, like a can of olives or a jar of baby food.)
  • 2. Trim them down 2 of 8
    2. Trim them down
    You'll want the photos to fit snugly inside of the jar with a little wiggle room.
  • 3. Waterproof your photos 3 of 8
    3. Waterproof your photos
    Just use packing tape to waterproof the photos back to back. The thicker the tape, the better.
  • 4. Fill the jar with water 4 of 8
    4. Fill the jar with water
    Slide in your photo (see how mine is right-side up? Don't do that.) and then fill the jar with distilled water (or boiled water that's cooled).
  • 5. Add some Glycerin, Corn Syrup, or Baby Oil 5 of 8
    5. Add some Glycerin, Corn Syrup, or Baby Oil
    Just dash a little in there to thicken up the water and help the snow fall more slowly.
  • 6. GLITTER! 6 of 8
    6. GLITTER!
    I used extra fine white glitter and it looks exactly like fake snow.
  • 7. Fix your mistakes 7 of 8
    7. Fix your mistakes
    Yeah, I added a bit too much glitter. And the photo is upside down.
  • 8. Ahh, that’s better! 8 of 8
    8. Ahh, that's better!
    Simple, affordable, and fool proof.

Many thanks to Canon for sponsoring this post and for providing me with a brand new shiny PIXMA printer to play with.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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