The Greatest April Fools Prank of All Time: With Free Downloads


Hello, I’m Jaime, master of April Fools Pranks, nice to meet you. My daughter was born at 1:19 a.m. on April 1st, and a tradition was born along with her. A tradition of pranking our family and friends every year in honor of her birth. We had to do something, and pretending to forget her birthday every year seemed a little mean. Maybe when she’s older, HA. ANYHOO – the year of her first birthday my husband and I were audited by the IRS. Boy, was that not fun. BUT it did turn out to deliver some joy when we decided to fool all of our friends into believing they were being audited too!  We customized each letter and sent it off in an official looking envelope. Here’s some of the responses we received:

-Epic. absolutely epic.
-You motherf***! can you come over and clean the s*** up that I just took on the kitchen floor when i opened your bday invite??!?! LOL… holy s***. I almost had a f**** stroke… I am not kidding. You trying to make me cry??? D***!
-Well played. That was brutal and fantastic!
-Your invite almost made me s*** my pants. I was like what the FFFFFFF. And then had a bad ass laugh.
-I am so impressed by your invite. You totally had us fooled.
-Completely and utterly awesome. Your invite is brilliant, thanks for the ride 🙂
-You totally got me. I am ridiculously gullible. See you there xo
-I was sorely sucked into your ruse never doubting another form of bad news in this economic crapfest. All I could think is let it be one of the honorable years. Brilliantly written and conceived. I can’t wait to put my husband through the hell tonight – that’s how we roll here.
-I cried. I was crying in my house turning on all the lights looking for my accountant’s phone number. I hate you.
-My husband has known all about the invite all along AND STILL FELL FOR IT! At least for the first page. I handed it to him and didn’t say anything and he opened it and said “That’s not good, we’re being audited” HAHAHA
-I just read my mail outside so I had just gotten home and that was the first thing I read, walked in the house and called my accountant. When I got to the last page all I said was when I get her I am going to get her good. (* that was my mom, ha!)
– You scared the s**t out of me!!! I loved it!!!
-You are an evil genius.

What do you think? Too mean? Find out how to fool your friends into believing they are being audited and where to download the file after the jump…

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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