The Leander Junior Bed: High Quality & Comfort For Your Little One

I’ve been gearing myself up to help my 2-year-old make the big switch from crib to bed and had been researching toddler beds for a few months.  When we switched her older sister into a bed, we put her right into a regular twin bed.

But my 2-year-old is a tiny little thing, so I was worried about finding the right bed for her.  I wanted something that would be small enough that it wouldn’t be overwhelming or intimidating but big enough that it would last for a while.  I also wanted something that was low enough to the ground that if she decided to rocket out of bed, she wouldn’t have far to fall. Also on my list of requirements was a bed that didn’t have sharp edges, which would be bad news for my little ball of energy — a bed that would excite her and make her feel special, a bed with a guard rail option, and a bed that was of solid construction and quality. Enter the Leander Junior Bed.

Small enough to feel comforting, but big enough to last for a while? Check!

The Leander Junior Bed is 59 inches long (just under 5 feet), whereas a regular twin bed is 75 inches (150 cm) long.  Even my 4-year-old fits comfortably in this bed and would for some time!

Low to the ground? Check!

The bed is a little over 2-feet tall (70 cm) at its highest point, and the actual mattress sits about 12 inches off the floor.  No long falls for my little one!

No sharp edges? Check!

The junior bed has a beautiful rounded shape, so there will be no unwelcome encounters with bed corners in the middle of the night or during energetic playtime.  The rounded shape also gives the bed a cozy, safe feel — perfect for a little one experiencing a new situation.

Did my 2-year old like the bed? Check!

Before the bed arrived I talked it up to my little girl.  We talked all about her new special bed that was coming just for her.  When I put it together, I made sure she got to “help.”  She was eager to try the bed out, climbing on and laying down while it was still out in the hallway where I assembled it.

When we dismantled the crib and finally moved her bed into the room she shares with her older sister, she looked from her sister’s bed to her new bed, and proudly said, “That’s my new bed.”  Yesterday when my parents came by for a visit, she proudly showed them her bed.

Guard rail option? Check!

You can order a guard rail to match the bed, but the bed is compatible with any other guard rail, which I like.  I just pulled the guard rail out of storage that we had used with our oldest, which is easy to store, and installed it without any problems.

Solid construction and quality? Check!

The junior bed is made from molded European beech, a dense durable wood.  Although the bed is smaller than a normal bed, it’s not as light as it may look.  The pieces are solid and smooth, and the hardware was nice and heavy.  The pieces fit together tightly, giving the finished bed no room for wiggle.

Other things I like?

The bed came in a surprisingly small box.  When it was delivered, I was a bit worried that the bed was going to be smaller than I had thought.  But after unpacking the pieces, I discovered that Leander had just done a good job of packing and hadn’t wasted shipping materials or space, something that I appreciate!  The bed was very easy to put together; I did it myself to surprise my husband when he came home from work. I love that the mattress comes with the bed and is a nice soft, but firm foam.  The cover of the mattress unzips and slips off easily so that it can be washed.  The clean Scandinavian design is simple, yet beautiful.  The bed looks great in the girls’ room and takes up a lot less space than the crib, making the room seem a lot larger, and providing more play room.


Although the bed was easy to put together, some of the directions were a bit hard to understand.  I felt as though the directions were initially written in Swedish and then translated into English without being polished up by a native English speaker.  The bed took me about 30 minutes to put together, but would have only taken me about 15 minutes if it hadn’t been for me trying to decipher the instructions.  Another downside is the fact that the bed requires a special mattress to fit its unique shape — which means the bed requires special sheets. Although the mattress comes with the purchase of the bed, the sheets do not and must be purchased separately.

At $999 this bed is definitely quite a bit more expensive than most of the toddler beds I looked at.  However I feel that the price pays off in the quality and durability of the product.  This bed will be easy to take apart and store and would easily outlast more children.

The transition from crib to bed that I was so worried about turned out to be a fun adventure for our little 2-year-old.  I venture to say that she loves her new bed way more than her crib, and isn’t looking back.  Thanks Leander!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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