9 Chore Cards Your Kids Can Actually Handle Doing


When I wrote a piece on how I finally got my kids to do their chores, I never imagined the response it would receive. It’s comforting to know I haven’t been alone in this struggle, and I hope my experience can help other families.

The most frequent comment on that post was a request to see more details on our actual chore cards:

I would love to see your cards and how you broke them down a bit more.”

“Can you write some of these for me? I still have no idea how to clean my house, and I’m 25 (what you said about making expectations clear is true! I never had that).”

“I would like to see that too. I’m not the best housekeeper. Teaching my kids to keep house is difficult because I’m honestly still figuring it out for myself.”

Now, I originally hesitated to share specifics because every house and family works so differently … so remember, these are just for reference!

I kept each room to four basic steps, but you’ll see I cheated a little and grouped some things (like sweeping and mopping) together. Of course you don’t need to do both every day, but I wanted to keep it simple to be sure the majority of the cleaning is tackled regularly.

You will need to consider your own kids and the layout of your house before finalizing your own chores, but here are the official chore cards we use in my home:

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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