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The Miniature Knit Shop over at Esty is full of wonderful, handmade knit outfits and accessories. They are whimsical and colorful, and I pretty much wish I could have one of each for my kids. The outfits are a bit of a splurge compared to something from Gap, but when you consider the time and love that went into hand-knitting them, they are well worth it! And if a whole outfit is too much, you can get 90% of the cuteness from just a hat or some cute sock booties.

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  • Knitted Baby Shark Hat 1 of 10
    Knitted Baby Shark Hat
    Wouldn't this hat be cute on a toddler with a baby sibling in the shark sleeping bag?
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $70
  • Knitted Baby Parrot Hat, Booties and Collar Set 2 of 10
    Knitted Baby Parrot Hat, Booties and Collar Set
    This full parrot ensemble is perfect for the dreamy kid who likes to wear dress up clothes all the time, or a special occasion like halloween. The layered collar is to-die-for cute.
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $135
  • Knitted Baby Shark Sleeping Bag 3 of 10
    Knitted Baby Shark Sleeping Bag
    This hilarious baby sleeping bag/blanket would be a compact way to keep a little one warm for an evening out, and would be sure to make your friends laugh. (It would also be a great halloween piece, of course!)(
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $137
  • Knitted Blue Grey Racing Driver 4 of 10
    Knitted Blue Grey Racing Driver
    If you have racing fans in your family (or even if you don't!), this is the cutest racing jumpsuit.
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $190
  • Knitted Baby Frog Feet Booties 5 of 10
    Knitted Baby Frog Feet Booties
    These booties will give your little one green webbed feet, which they will think is awesome, while keeping their feet toasty warm.
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $40
  • Knitted Bird Leg Booties 6 of 10
    Knitted Bird Leg Booties
    These orange booties come in kid and adult sizes, just in case you want to dress up like a chicken with your kid.
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $45
  • Knitted Royal Guard Babygrow Onesie 7 of 10
    Knitted Royal Guard Babygrow Onesie
    Where was this a few months ago for the royal wedding?!
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $223
  • Knitted Baby Owl Hat 8 of 10
    Knitted Baby Owl Hat
    This knitted owl hat would be a perfect way to bring whimsy to every day as a light winter hat.
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $70
  • Knitted Sailor Babygrow Onesie 9 of 10
    Knitted Sailor Babygrow Onesie
    This hand-knit sweater onesie looks like an heirloom from my parents generation.
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $190
  • Knitted Sailor Collar 10 of 10
    Knitted Sailor Collar
    This hand-knit collar would be a fun way to top off an outfit with a little nautical detail.
    from TheMiniatureKnitShop $33


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