The One Piece Of Jewelry I'll Never Get Rid Of

It seems like we all go through periods in our life that are so special, so delicate in our hearts, that the jewelry we wear or accumulate or receive at the time suddenly takes on a special significance to us. As if the jewelry itself could preserve the memory. This must be why jewelry companies do so well around Christmases, Mother’s Days, weddings, births, and anniversaries, yes?

I’m not one who goes crazy over accessories (except for shoes β€” do shoes count as accessories?), and yet I have a small box positively filled with jewelry. Some of it is expensive, but most of it is on the cheaper side, and all of them are full of precious memories. I’ll never ever get rid of them, no matter how ugly or out of fashion or how poorly they match my outfits.

We all have these little stashes, don’t we? And how fascinating would itΒ be to see what everyone’s most significant jewelry looks like?! After the jump, I’m sharing mine and asking anyone who is interested to submit a photo of their own special jewels and trinkets for a follow-up to this piece that I’ll post next week. I hope you enjoy! And please, do not hesitate to share!

  • Braided Bone Necklace 1 of 9
    Braided Bone Necklace
    When my husband and I were newly dating, he was the type to climb up mountains and bike down, wear braided bracelets and Birkenstocks, send pressed flowers in love letters, and listen to a lot of Dave Matthews Band in his Jeep. Now he's an international tax attorney in the big city wearing a nice suit (no braided bracelets allowed on the attorneys, I guess?), but back when our relationship first started getting serious, he asked if I'd wear one of his bracelets. Like getting pinned, or wearing a promise ring. It was so stinking cheesy, and so delightfully adorable.
    I picked this braided bone bracelet, which he'd picked up from a street market during his travels in the Philippines. I've treasured it since and worn it most of the last decade. (Nine years of marriage this summer!) Oddly, it's become quite trendy in the last two years. πŸ˜‰
  • Dogeared Karma Necklace 2 of 9
    Dogeared Karma Necklace
    For Valentine's Day when we'd been married about four years, I put in a little request for this Dogeared gold necklace. We had little money at the time and it was quite an extravagant wish, so I was very surprised to find it wrapped in a little box that Valentine's evening after dinner. Brandon wrote in the card, "I can see why you wanted this. For all the wonderful things you put into the world, you deserve something lovely back." Before the note, it was just a necklace. After the note, it was a reminder I could wear around my neck to keep me trying my best every day to deserve that great guy I married.
    Find this necklace at Nordstrom
  • Michael Kors Gold Watch 3 of 9
    Michael Kors Gold Watch
    Another too lovely gift from my husband, this time for my birthday. I love its oversized heft, I love its classic-looking face, and I love that my husband used an unexpected work bonus (he got to choose between tickets to a sporting event or a department store gift card) to get it for me. It's ridiculously trendy but I suspect I'll wear it long after the trend has run its course.
    Find this watch at Nordstrom
  • My Arm Party 4 of 9
    My Arm Party
    Goodness I hate that term, but I do love an armful of silly bracelets. This stack of bracelets, the lot of them, have been gifts from various shops since I started blogging. I've been blogging since 2005, mostly for myself (in the early days my husband was sworn to secrecy β€” no one could know!), and I have just recently been able to turn my love of the Internet into a little extra income our family to pay off our student loans, and I feel so incredibly grateful. When I was in high school and the guidance counselor urged us to imagine what we'd do if money wasn't an object and try to turn it into a career, I had no idea that THIS could exist β€” because it didn't!
    The idea that I could turn my love of writing, taking photos, planning parties, mothering, and fashion, into one job? Ludicrous. Now there's this thing called "blogging," and I get to do it! And I just feel really lucky to have it. These bracelets are a fun reminder that I'm living a little slice of my dream.
    Here are links to where you can find these bracelets: arrow bracelet, orange leather bracelets, feather bangle , arrow cuff bracelet.
  • My Wedding Rings 5 of 9
    My Wedding Rings
    I have four of them. No, I only have one husband. πŸ˜‰ I'll explain their significance over the next four slides.
  • My Wedding Rings – The Engagement Ring 6 of 9
    My Wedding Rings - The Engagement Ring
    When Brandon hinted at wanting to propose to me by asking leading questions about the style of ring I prefer, I sort of got a little too specific and passionate about it. So we decided he'd bag the surprise of it in favor of letting me work with a local jeweler to design the ring myself. I am so happy with it, though whenever I look at it I do remember the four times I brought it back in because the band was not. quite. thin. enough. It still isn't thin enough. But who is? πŸ˜‰
  • My Wedding Rings – The Wedding Band 7 of 9
    My Wedding Rings - The Wedding Band
    It's white gold and studded in tiny diamonds halfway around. I love the look of the mixed metals and wanted something that would look equally as good without the engagement ring as with.
  • My Wedding Rings – The Second Wedding Band 8 of 9
    My Wedding Rings - The Second Wedding Band
    When we got engaged, my husband was working the night shift at Costco doing a lot of heavy lifting, and thus his ring size was a full sizer larger than usual. Once he landed himself a cushy desk job and those fingers shrunk, his wedding ring no longer fit. Rather than spend the money to resize the brushed gold band, Brandon did the proper guy thing and marched himself to the mall to buy himself a nine-dollar sterling silver replacement. To soften the blow that he'd no longer be wearing the expensive ring I saved up for and picked out so lovingly, he bought me one to match. And thus, the second wedding band was born.
  • My Wedding Rings – The Antique Signet 9 of 9
    My Wedding Rings - The Antique Signet
    We had just barely moved back to New York City, it was hot and miserable out, and I was fully and uncomfortably into my ninth month of pregnancy, when I found this antique signet ring at a street fair. It was twenty dollars, and meant to be mine. I wore it for a while on my right hand, not sure whether the H was meant for my last name or my future baby's name. A few weeks later, the night Henry was born, my fingers became so swollen that I tore all my rings off and stashed them in a mint tin in the hospital room. A few days later as we left the hospital, I hurriedly put them all back on, all at once on my wedding ring finger. I liked the way it looked so much I decided to leave it that way forever. The H is definitely for "Holbrook."

What are your most treasured pieces of jewelry? I’d love it if you shared! Email a photo and brief description to natthefatrat at gmail dot com (with a link to your blog if you have one!) and I’d love to include it in a reader round up next week.

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