The Perfect Weekend Getaway Tent

In my search for a weekend camper I came across these roof-top versions from Tepui Tents that are really starting to grow on me.  Since we can’t afford a camper yet, and although tents are pretty reasonable, these roof-top versions kind of meet half way —giving the illusion of a camper yet still a budget-friendly tent (basic tent starts under a $1,000.).  Easily mounting directly to your roof rack, the tent pops open with a retractable ladder and a wrap-around change room which can be added to the bottom (as an option).  Hack it onto the back of a hauling trailer (like above that one of their customers did) —adding a built-in kitchen or just go as it is.  I like that you don’t need a lot of muscle to set it up, making it easy for women to do too.  Also a great idea for those who take back roads, as there’s nothing to haul in the back.  Check out the gallery below for info and pictures.

  • Bring the Loo! 1 of 8
    Bring the Loo!
    Pop-up tent + pop-up bathroom!
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  • The Perfect Set-Up 2 of 8
    The Perfect Set-Up
    Hack your own camper by attaching it to the top of a trailer (complete with kitchen).
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  • 4×4 3 of 8
    Take it on logging roads. (No need to worry about a trailer bouncing about when it's all packed on top).
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  • Camp Anywhere 4 of 8
    Camp Anywhere
    No need to worry about finding even ground - it levels out anywhere with the retractable ladder.
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  • Changing Room 5 of 8
    Changing Room
    Add a changing room with this extra piece for the bottom.
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  • The Perfect Set-Up 6 of 8
    The Perfect Set-Up
    Another view of the tent above a haul trailer.
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  • The Perfect Set-Up (Part 2) 7 of 8
    The Perfect Set-Up (Part 2)
    Back-side view of the tent attached to a haul trailer - with a custom built-in kitchen.
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  • Go Anywhere 8 of 8
    Go Anywhere
    Go places other campers can't!
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See other customer pictures at their gallery here.

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