These Plush Toys Are Crazy! Literally. Meet the Mentally Ill Stuffed Animals

When you think of cute cuddly plush toys, you usually conjure up images of a cheery looking teddy bear, a perky penguin or perhaps a zany looking zebra. One usually doesn’t think of a stuffed animal who is burdened with a mental illness, but yes, they exist and they’re crazy…literally.

The German toymaker Paraplush created a line of stuffed animals who have a variety of psychiatric disorders. Each of the toys comes with a personalized medical history as well a treatment plan. What are these cute soft plushies suffering from?

Dub: Depression
Dub suffers from depression. He has trouble evidently coming out of his shell, but you can help him remove it!

Lilo – Obsessive
Lilo is obsessed with trying to fit together these puzzle pieces. He tries over and over again. It’s effected him so much that he can longer speak, hence why his mouth is zippered shut.

Dolly – Schizophrenic
Doll is torn, she is both a sheep and a wolf. Her belly unzips and she can switch between either of her characters.

Kroko – Paranoid Psychosis
Not only is he prone to hallucinations but he’s a crocodile who is afraid of the water!

Sly: Body Issues
“The patient’s inner conflict must be interpreted as a sign of an ambivalent relationships towards its own body. Combined with the fascination of an apparently much more potent-seeming substitute rattle, we suspect the manifestation of a deeply rooted rattle complex. Of course, the enclosed substitute rattle should not be in use on a permanent basis and should only serve as a transitional object. ”

Each doll is 29 Euros or about $36 US and are available right here.

Via: Time

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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