The REAL Reason Why People Did the Facebook Change Picture to Cartoon Thing?

Were you one of the millions who changed their Facebook profile pictures from their own photographs to an image of a beloved cartoon from their childhood? Countless people made the switch. But why? There are several different reasons why people may have made the Facebook change picture to a cartoon thing, and most fit into the following categories:1) They wanted to make a stand against child abuse. In one version – the most popular one – of the call to action, the message asked that all make the change and that is “a campaign against violence on children.” Those felt they were bringing attention to this tragic issue.

2) They love to do the Facebook games. Perhaps they are fond of surveys and maybe they even play Farmville. This was just another game to them.

3) They love a bit of kitch. There is something pretty retro cool about having your avatar be a beloved cartoon instead of your regular old mug. And trying to figure out what cartoon character represents you is, for pretty much anyone, a fun exercise

And there isn’t much proof  – or reasoning – that the whole thing was a ploy by pedophiles to get kids to befriend them on facebook. And really, little kids shouldn’t be on Facebook anyways. Just us adults who love to relive our childhood every once in a while by embracing things like our old cartoon favorites.

If you changed your profile, why did you do it?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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