The Scariest Rides At Disneyland?

Brandon and I were talking tonight about the scariest rides at Disneyland. You know, the ones that got us as all nervous as kids while we waited on line? The ones that we had to shut our eyes through part–if not the whole thing?

When we were visiting Disney World in May (and Disneyland in March), before we’d hop on any toddler-friendly ride I’d always ask myself: Is this going to be too scary for Huck? ¬†Was this one scary when I was a kid? In full disclosure: I still get wicked butterflies on line for Space Mountain, so maybe I’m not really the one to ask.

Luckily, Huck wasn’t at the age then where much would frighten him (angry voices aside), so we rode every kid-friendly ride without issue. Even Haunted Mansion and Pirates! It’s very different now. Now when we watch 101 Dalmations and Huck gets a little scared of the bad guy in the black and white cartoon the puppies watch near the beginning of the movie, I realize that a trip to Disney at this age would be a whole different trip all together.

And so! After the jump, a list of my scariest rides at Disneyland. Are they your scariest rides too? I’d love to know!

Scariest big kid rides (goes without saying): Space Mountain, Splash Mountain (those vultures!), Tower of Terror (I still won’t go on it).

Scariest all-kid rides: Haunted Mansion (those heads popping up behind the tombstones!), Pirates of the Caribbean (those drops!), It’s A Small World (those creepy dolls!) (Just kidding).

Scariest little kid rides: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (You go to hell at the end!) (I was never afraid of this ride, but my aunt once pointed out that all the chaos of the ride often disturbed her little ones)

Scariest of them all, even now: Snow White’s Scary Adventures. It’s right there in the name!

Your turn: What rides are/were the scariest for you?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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