The Top 25 Brands to Follow on Pinterest

Are you as into Pinterest as the rest of the world seems to be all of a sudden? I am. I’ve been a member since the very beginning, long before brands and companies started accounts of their own, and now they’re becoming commonplace. But which ones are worth following, and which are just noise?

Below are 25 of the best brands, magazines, shops, and companies to follow on Pinterest. And if you have any favorites that I’ve missed, leave a comment!

  • Babble 1 of 25
    We admit it — we're addicted too, but at least it's a pretty obsession, right? Follow Babble for stuff for kids and the people that love them.
    Follow Babble on Pinterest
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  • Martha Stewart Weddings 2 of 25
    Martha Stewart Weddings
    All the wedding (and party) inspiration you've come to know and love from the magazine. Come here for inspiring color palettes, ideas on including pets, how to celebrate after the ceremony, and more.
    Follow Martha Stewart Weddings on Pinterest
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  • Better Homes & Gardens 3 of 25
    Better Homes & Gardens
    The best craft ideas, plants and plans for your garden, and decorating ideas. Follow their "Recipes from the magazine" board and you'll never have to clip an
    article again!
    Follow Better Homes & Gardens on Pinterest
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  • Anthropologie 4 of 25
    If you love spending time in this brand's stores, you'll like their Pinterest, too. Great fashion finds and items for your home, but don't miss the store window display photos board!
    Follow Anthropologie on Pinterest
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  • 5 of 25
    All the colorful finds and colorful ladies that inspire this popular line of accessories.
    Follow on Pinterest
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  • Lonny Magazine 6 of 25
    Lonny Magazine
    Photos from Lonny Magazine's archives, presented room by room. Great design inspiration for simple, clean spaces.
    Follow Lonny on Pinterest
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  • HGTV 7 of 25
    Gorgeous shots of interiors and great decorating ideas to take away — whether you're working on interior home decor or planning on getting dirty in the garden.
    Follow HGTV on Pinterest
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  • Boden 8 of 25
    Clothes and outfit ideas for both mom and kids, but also some good all-around fun photos. Find craft ideas, recipes, and fun ideas for "minis" (a.k.a. your little
    ones) here.
    Follow Boden on Pinterest
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  • CB2 9 of 25
    Color, fun, fashion, parties, and yummy things to eat are on this furniture brand's inspiration boards.
    Follow CB2 on Pinterest
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  • Gap 10 of 25
    Plenty of photos of Gap clothes in action, plus the best denim inspiration. Forward their board "Not Your Dad's Khakis" to your partner or friend in need of a little
    style boost!
    Follow Gap on Pinterest
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  • In Style 11 of 25
    In Style
    Their hair inspiration boards are a must-see, with dedicated boards for waves, braids, bangs, and more.
    Follow In Style Magazine on Pinterest
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  • katespade 12 of 25
    Prolific pins of beautiful, feminine images with some quirk. Various boards encourage pinners to "dress colorfully," "celebrate colorfully," and "think colorfully" — well, if
    you insist ...
    Follow Kate Spade on Pinterest
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  • Warby Parker 13 of 25
    Warby Parker
    They've created looks and personas for their popular eyeglasses. Are you more of a Tenley or a Jasper?
    Follow Warby Parker on Pinterest
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  • Land’s End Canvas 14 of 25
    Land's End Canvas
    A modern take on all-American style (and lifestyle), featuring classic, comforting fashion for men and women.
    Follow Land's End Canvas on Pinterest
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  • LIFE 15 of 25
    Iconic, beautiful images from the publication's archives. We love this one for the legendary photos that allow us to take a quick look into the past.
    Follow LIFE on Pinterest
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  • Lilly Pulitzer 16 of 25
    Lilly Pulitzer
    The classically bright, preppy prints from this brand transfer over onto Pinterest perfectly. Follow this one for a dose of colorful cocktails, bright and sunny fashion, and living the good life.
    Follow Lilly Pulitzer on Pinterest
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  • Lucky Magazine 17 of 25
    Lucky Magazine
    Favorite style bloggers highlighted, comprehensive product roundups, and quips from behind the scenes — a look at what really goes into the making of a magazine.
    Follow Lucky Magazine on Pinterest
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  • Whole Foods 18 of 25
    Whole Foods
    Recipes, sure, but also all kinds of other food-related goodness, including kitchen inspiration, ways to reduce waste, and more.
    Follow Whole Foods on Pinterest
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  • Real Simple 19 of 25
    Real Simple
    Organization, recipes, beauty, and quotes. The magazine's essence in
    pinnable form.
    Follow Real Simple on Pinterest
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  • Rue 20 of 25
    It's billed as "your pathway to stylish living," and we agree. Great decorating ideas, broken down by room.
    Follow Rue on Pinterest
    {individual pin found here}
  • Terrain 21 of 25
    For a trip down on the farm — from your desk! Gardening inspiration and rustic, simple living.
    Follow Terrain on Pinterest
    {individual pin found here}
  • Travel Channel 22 of 25
    Travel Channel
    For your daily dose of wanderlust and armchair travel. We'll be repinning
    the beaches.
    Follow Travel Channel on Pinterest
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  • Chobani 23 of 25
    Way more than just yogurt, with lots of cute pins for recipe ideas and
    fitness inspiration.
    Follow Chobani on Pinterest
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  • Etsy 24 of 25
    Handmade goodness (and the occasional oddity). A great way to get ideas for your wish list!
    Follow Etsy on Pinterest
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  • west elm 25 of 25
    west elm
    Modern design and interior inspiration for your home.
    Follow west elm on Pinterest
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• Nicole Balch is the founder of Making it Lovely, a design blog about living a stylish life and transforming the so-so. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, and catch up on all of her posts here on Babble.


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