The Wheel of Yuck: Mom's BFF

Every mom knows one of the worst parts about motherhood is seeing your child in pain. From ear infections to sore throats to pink eye, life isn’t as much fun when your little sweetie is feeling bad. Both of my sons have had bouts of croup and let me tell you, it is scary! The very first time we heard loud barking (exactly like a seal) through the baby monitor at midnight, my blood ran cold.

A common medicine to help ease an episode of croup is Albuterol, one of the most horrid tasting medicines around. When your child is struggling to breathe and refuses to take medicine because of the bad taste – well, that’s not even an option. That’s when I discovered the Wheel of Yuck and that’s why I’m sharing it with you. It’s my BFF.

See the actual Wheel of Yuck after the jump!

The Wheel of Yuck is the brainchild of FLAVORx. (No, that’s not a rapper.) The company has created an interactive guide that let’s you know which three flavors are the most “yuck-busting” for a specific medicine. For example, because Albuterol ranks high on the yucky scale, the best flavor options are strawberry, apple or grape. Check out the guide by clicking here!


In addition to the Wheel of Yuck, the company makes other products to help eliminate the battles over medicine. Take a look at the Pill Glide, a flavored spray that makes swallowing tablets and capsules easier.  Need a little help caring for your furry children? Well, FLAVORx also makes medicine solutions for pets! Take a look at the best flavor options for a variety of species including birds, dogs, cats, horses, lizards and more. Now you can be a better mommy to all of your sick children!

You can find FLAVORx in your area by using the online Pharmacy Locator.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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