These Are A Few Of My Favorite Braids!

By the looks of things, this summer is going to be the Summer of the Braid. And don’t you love braids? Don’t they remind you of The Sound of Music just a little bit?

Braids can be quick and dirty, or ornate and sophisticated. A good braid can be perfect both for a day at the beach and later for an evening soiree. And after the jump I’ve collected a few of my very favorite braids, sure to get your fingers itching to make some plaits. I hope you enjoy!

  • The Chloe Moretz Braid 1 of 20
    The Chloe Moretz Braid
    For a young actress like Chloe, these low braids are perfect--young-looking while still sophisticated.
    These braids via In Style
  • The Elizabeth Olson Braid 2 of 20
    The Elizabeth Olson Braid
    There is no situation a casual side braid is not perfect for.
    These braids via In Style
  • The Kirsten Dust Braid 3 of 20
    The Kirsten Dust Braid
    Heidi braids are one of the easiest braids to do, but maybe one of the hardest braids to pull off.
    These braids via In Style
  • The LC Braid 4 of 20
    The LC Braid
    These braids via In Style
  • The Mandy Moore/Heidi Braid 5 of 20
    The Mandy Moore/Heidi Braid
    Another edgy look. Just, no lederhosen allowed, please.
    These braids via In Style
  • The Busy Phillips Braid 6 of 20
    The Busy Phillips Braid
    The perfect braid for a casual brunch or for a day at the beach. Adorable!
    These braids via In Style
  • The Dianna Agron Braid 7 of 20
    The Dianna Agron Braid
    Proof that braids can be ultra chic.
    These braids via In Style
  • The Kaley Cuocu Braid 8 of 20
    The Kaley Cuocu Braid
    That thick, lush braid across the top of your head doesn't even have to belong to your scalp. (Think: braided headbands!)
    These braids via In Style
  • The Summer Braid 9 of 20
    The Summer Braid
    Braid your hair on day one, sleep on it for days two and three. Maybe rinse occasionally in the pool. Sounds divine.
    These braids via Become Gorgeous
  • The Relaxed Braid 10 of 20
    The Relaxed Braid
    Braids for beginners.
    These braids via Become Gorgeous
  • The Olsen Twin Braid 11 of 20
    The Olsen Twin Braid
    Perfectly messy and wearable.
    These braids via Reesabella
  • The Danish Braid 12 of 20
    The Danish Braid
    Resembling some kind of pastry, these European-looking braids take some serious time and talent (and some monstrously thick hair), but look at those results!
    These braids via Pretty Stuff
  • The Maiden Braid 13 of 20
    The Maiden Braid
    Yes! A tutorial!
    These braids via A Beautiful Mess
  • The Boho Braid 14 of 20
    The Boho Braid
    The messier the better. This is my kind of braid.
    These braids via The Beauty Department
  • The Braided Bun 15 of 20
    The Braided Bun
    These braids via We Heart It
  • The Side Braid 16 of 20
    The Side Braid
    Look at the braid wrapping around the pony tail at the bottom! I love it!
    These braids via Upon Melancholy Hill
  • The Beehive Braid 17 of 20
    The Beehive Braid
    Round and round it goes!
    These braids via We Heart It
  • The Low Braid 18 of 20
    The Low Braid
    A very wearable variation on the Heidi, perfect for a Sunday morning in jeans and a cardigan, or possibly even your whitest wedding.
    These braids via Hair Romance
  • The Partial French Braid 19 of 20
    The Partial French Braid
    Oh I love this!
    These braids via Love Maegan
  • The Bang Braid 20 of 20
    The Bang Braid
    For a really great bang braid tutorial, check out my friend Rubi's tutorial.
    These braids via Sampan Loves Models


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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