This Little Light of Mine

Light bulbs seem to be front and center in a lot of fixtures lately. Rather than hiding behind shades and filters, more and more fixtures are designed to showcase the brilliance of the bulb. And with so many new styles of bulb to choose from, they allow mass market fixtures to showcase individual style.

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    15 Ways to See the Light

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  • Keene Sconce 2 of 16

    A clear glass shade allows the bulb to give this sconce extra dimension. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $170. 

  • George Industrial Pendant 3 of 16

    Clearly more than just a cord and bulb, yet keeps the lighting front and center. 

    From West Elm, $260. 

  • Riviera Pendants 4 of 16

    An enameled cage for your light bulb, I like that these showcase how energy efficient bulbs can be sculptural as well. 

    From Crate and Barrel, $200. 

  • Bentwood Pendants 5 of 16

    A little less revealing, these pendants allow the bulb to peep through at different angles. 

    From West Elm, $170. 

  • Cage Pendant 6 of 16

    A bright white cage in an entirely affordable price point. Includes cord kit. 

    From Urban Outfitters, $40. 

  • Loft Pendant 7 of 16

    Oversized mixed media casts a beautiful light. 

    From CB2, $150. 

  • Asusa Pendant 8 of 16

    Spare and urban, this simple cage adds a touch of industrial style. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $115. 

  • Peel Pendant 9 of 16

    A large statement for a space that doesn't need a lot of extra illumination (only one bulb in the 26" fixture). 

    From CB2, $200. 

  • Alabax Medium 10 of 16

    Who doesn't want a little pop of color accenting your light? This would be gorgeous in an entry. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $90. 

  • Chrome Pendant 11 of 16

    Don't worry little light bulb, I will protect you. I will protect you with my super shiny strength. 

    From CB2, $150. 

  • Princeton Sophomore 12 of 16

    You could get it with a less transparent shade, but why would you? So pretty. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $150. 

  • Hoyne Pendant 13 of 16

    Comfortable in traditional as well as modern decor, fabulous in multiples. 

    From Crate and Barrel, $280. 

  • Union Pendant 14 of 16

    Ok, yes, it is a little like a giant spider hanging over you (now you can't unsee that, sorry), but what a statement. 

    From Crate and Barrel, $240. 

  • Ryder Pendant 15 of 16

    This bamboo-like brass wire cage obscures the bulb a little more, but in doing so creates such interesting shadows. And invites a closer look. 

    From Crate and Barrel, $100. 

  • Light Bulbs 16 of 16

    Clearly, once you've chosen your fixture, you have to define your light bulb style. 

    Schoolhouse Electric has you covered, with a variety of bulbs in all styles. 

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