Tiny Worlds in a Bottle

How amazing are these tiny landscapes tucked into bottles? They are created by artist Akinobu Izumi in bottles just .9 inches in height and .5 inches in diameter. That’s teensy! These mini-masterpieces come in themes, are perfect for gifting and they are also totally affordable. Check out more of this tiny masterworks after the jump…

  • Tiny Halloween World 1 of 6
    Tiny Halloween World
    This Halloween world in a bottle seems to be sold out, but you can find many more designs.
    Check them out here.
  • Tiny Bike World 2 of 6
    Tiny Bike World
    This is perfect for the bicycle enthusiast in your life.
    Find it for $25 here.
  • Tiny Couple World 3 of 6
    Tiny Couple World
    Love is in the air.
    Find this sweet couple for $26 here.
  • Tiny Christmas World 4 of 6
    Tiny Christmas World
    It's a tiny holiday snowglobe!
    Find it for $26.50 here.
  • Tiny Golf World 5 of 6
    Tiny Golf World
    Know someone who loves golf?
    Get them this for $26 here.
  • Tiny Sea Turtle World 6 of 6
    Tiny Sea Turtle World
    Teensy sea turtles awash in the ocean.
    Find it for $26 here.

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