Toddler Read: Go On An Adventure With A Curious Hippo

I read a good six books (or more) to my toddler, JD, every evening. I hope this practice instills a love of books and reading in him–and, uh, not a love of staying up later and later each night to get through ’em. We’re fans of Elmo, Thomas, Seuss, you know, the usual suspects.

Now we’re on to an unusual. His name is Hugo. He’s on a quest to see what’s at the end of a really, really, really long [red] string. JD loves this book, because…It’s bright, fun and adventurous. Hugo, the purple hippo with simple style and a doggy named Biscuit (or as JD says, FIX-IT), may be on the chase of a red string, but so are we, page to page. See, when Hugo sees a mysterious red string, he just knows he’s going to find something wonderful at the end of it and sets off on a solo mission. Trust me, moms, you’ll be wondering what he’s after. Is it ice cream, a shiny penny, a pizza, a treasure box filled with cookies, Manolos? Hee, hee. It’s…NOT TELLING. Trust me, though, your kid will be laughing out loud–you too (the ending is silly and sweet)!

See, Hugo’s journey takes him across the river, underground, and throughout town—all while gathering curious new friends along the way, that are dying to see what’s at the end of this string, too. A rhyming refrain coupled with animated, geometric art will entertain and engage, while the underlying message of friendship, sharing and teamwork prevails.

Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String by Bob Boyle, $12.47,

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