Tooth Pillows to Impress the Most Stylish Tooth Fairy

My little man is on the verge of completing his first set of baby teeth, which (besides being a temporary end to teething-related misery) drives home the fact that the baby stage is long gone. There’s no denying the full-fledged child walking next to me down the sidewalk, flashing a mouth full of teeth as he waves to passer-bys.

While some moms might breathe a sigh of relief and put the 18-month process behind them, I’m not a one-day-at-a-time type of mom. (I’m the mom who researched potty training techniques while he was in the womb.) The next step is a visit from the tooth fairy, which of course requires a unique tooth pillow to make her jaw drop.

These Love Doodles from Pipoca Handmade are the kind of keepsake your little girl or boy will keep on the bed (and then the shelf when stuffed toys are way uncool) for years and years. Each eco-friendly, customizable plush mouse is made with a pocket on the front — perfect for lost teeth, tooth fairy money and an array of other sweet sentiments throughout the years.

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For another tooth pillow that masquerades as an ordinary plush friend, this Tiny Wee Hoot Owl from buttercupbloom is handmade from upcycled materials and includes a small pocket on the back, just big enough for the tooth fairy to fly in and out of. Check out the variety of colors and patterns at the Etsy shop.

One of the most affordable options for the Tooth Fairy, this Toothie from ImagiPlay is only $5.99. Made from natural wood, Toothie is small enough to fit under a pillow but large enough to store all of your little one’s teeth if you feel the desire to save them. (It comes in a variety of color combinations for boys and girls.)

There’s no mistaking the purpose of this tooth pillow from Oeuf. More than the simple knitted design, I love that each pillow is made by a self-managed community of artisan women in Bolivia, and adheres to Fair Trade principles. Purchasing one of these pillows helps to provide a steady income to these indigenous women that provides healthcare and education to their children.

Photos: pipoca handmade, buttercupbloom, imagiplay, oeuf.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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