Top 10 Best DIY Craft Blogs

As evidenced by the many Babble articles and blogs (including this here Family Style and the newer The New Home Ec), we’re big fans of craftiness here. So the Babble team took on the overwhelming task of narrowing down the innumerable crafty, thrifty, DIY blogs until they had the Top 50 Best Craft Blogs for 2012.

They then further critiqued and nit-picked until they were left with the Top 10 Best Overall Craft Blogs that everyone should know and love. Here are those 10:

  • Prudent Baby 1 of 10
    Prudent Baby
    Even before I looked at the final list, I knew that Prudent Baby should be in the #1 spot. Crafty moms Jaime and Jacinda (both writers for Babble) continue to post the most creative tutorials and craft ideas — especially useful for mamas who like to sew.
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  • Say Yes to Hoboken 2 of 10
    Say Yes to Hoboken
    You probably already love Liz over here at Family Style for her killer budget fashion finds and inspired style ideas, but times that by 100 and you have her popular craft/style blog Say Yes to Hoboken. Everything she posts seems so effortless and accessible — as if we, too, could be as crafty and stylish as Liz. Thankfully we have her help.
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  • Oh Happy Day 3 of 10
    Oh Happy Day
    There's a reason why Jordan Ferney has such a large fan base: She's awesome. Whether it's her brilliant craft ideas (that leave you thinking why didn't I think of that??) or her live-vicariously-through-me lifestyle in Paris (where she moved for a year), it's impossible to not get hooked on this blog.
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  • How About Orange 4 of 10
    How About Orange
    Jessica Jones is known for her incredible DIY projects that don't look "DIY" at all. You'll get lost for hours searching through her archives, bookmarking along the way.
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  • Just Something I Made 5 of 10
    Just Something I Made
    If you're thrifty at heart, Cathe Holden is soon to become your best friend.
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  • Dana Made It 6 of 10
    Dana Made It
    Dana Willard does it all: blogs, sews, crafts, and she even wrote a crafting book — all on top of being a mom. This blog is especially useful for those who like unique, impressive projects that run the gamut from clothing to home decor to holiday crafts. (And her tutorials are all neatly organized for easy searching.)
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  • Make It and Love It 7 of 10
    Make It and Love It
    Another incredible site for a wide range of different crafts — from clothes to food. I especially love her ideas on repurposing — which is thrifty and crafty.
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  • Merriment Design 8 of 10
    Merriment Design
    Perfect for beginners (or just the craft challenged) Kathy Beymer walks readers through detailed tutorials that sometimes contain how-to videos as well.
    Merriment Design
  • Modern Parents, Messy Kids 9 of 10
    Modern Parents, Messy Kids
    Blogger Steph is talented, crafty and funny — and she's willing to help us be as organized and productive as she is.
    Visit Modern Parents, Messy Kids
  • Poppytalk 10 of 10
    Family Style blogger Jan runs the design-savvy Poppytalk blog with her husband Earl, who are both industry experts. If you love everything handmade (or just love looking at pretty things), Poppytalk is one of the very best blogs to bookmark.
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Congratulations to my talented Family Style colleagues Jaime, Liz, Jordan, and Jan on making the highly competitive cut!

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