Top 10 Funniest iPad Cases for your iPad 2

We all know that Apple is gearing up for the much-anticipated iPad 2 announcement today, but we’re more excited about the ingenious new iPad cases that people will come up with for the thinner, sleeker model. (Although we’re pretty psyched that the iPad 2 release date is set for March 11, just around the corner!)

Here are the funniest, most innovative iPad cases we’ve seen so far:

1. The iMaxi

“The only Apple iPad case made with protective wings!” Going too far?

(Get the iMaxi from the Etsy shop Hip Handmaids for $25)

2. Retro TV iPad case

Designer Jonas Damon made this wooden iPad case from scraps around his apartment, and completed the retro-meets-modern look with the “television snow” screen saver.

3.  iPad Bacon Case

Because the only thing more universally appealing than an iPad 2 is bacon. (Get this handmade iPad case from the Etsy shop Antjes for $59.)

4. iArm

Yes, the iArm is actually a joke product from PrankPack, but it has the tech world in a tizzy, demanding that someone please, please, pleeease make this a reality. But hey, you can still fool someone you love with the empty box.

5. USB Typewriter for your iPad

For those having a difficult time letting go of the good ‘ol days, this iPad typewriter will cost almost as much as the iPad 2 price. (USB Typewriter, $799)

6. The iBook iPad

Or for those nostalgic of the old-school Apple, an iPad fan in Japan hollowed out an original iBook (remember those?!) and made a fully-functioning iPad frame. Genius! (via Asianjin)

7. iCADE

What started out as an April Fools prank by ThinkGeek turned into an actual product, complete with a retro joystick and arcade buttons. Simply slide in your iPad and connect via Bluetooth, download some old school Space Invaders, and rock out like it’s 1979. Atari even teamed up with ThinkGeek to provide classic games compatible with iCADE.

The iCADE (which retails for $99.99) is currently in production, but will be available in early June 2011.

8. Mac Classic iPad

Another genius, fully-functioning iPad conversion in honor of the much-beloved and totally underrated Macintosh days. (via CrunchGear)

9. iClothing

Who needs a separate iPad case when you can just store it in your dress? And if the new iPad 2 really is thinner and lighter, all you might need is a giant pocket. (Order your iClothing here.)

10. The Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case

We described this Etch-a-Sketch iPad case as “the coolest iPad case ever” back in September and we’re sticking to that claim. Learn all about this genius iPad case here.

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