Top 10 Funniest Pet Costumes for Halloween

halloween pet costumes

As Halloween Week draws to a close, we’ve given you as many ideas as we can think of: from baby costumes to stroller costumes, party invitations to decorations — plus, there’s even a Halloween giveaway thrown in there. But for those of us who treat our pets like our babies, we found some hilarious Halloween costume ideas for our four-legged children.

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halloween pet costumes

Sure it’s a little obvious, but how can you resist this handmade hot dog costume? Get it for $20 from the Etsy shop MsNeedles.


dog costume

There’s something about animals dressing as other animals that gets us every time. ($20, Casa de Cuma on Etsy)


pet costume ideas

This adorable Superhero getup is custom-made to fit your dog. Plus, the cape can be removed for a cozy dog shirt! ($35, Cool Embroideries on Etsy)


cat costume

Why should dogs have all the fun? If your feline will stand for it, this monster hat cat costume can either be a true representation of your kitten’s feisty personality or an ironic costume for your sweet, lazy cat. ($25, XMoonBloom on Etsy)


pet costume
pet costumes

While these incredible Oktoberfest outfits seem most fitting on a German dachshund dog, the Etsy shop Young Urban Puppy will custom-make a costume with your dog’s measurements for $29.50. Too cute!


pet costume

The Etsy shop Great Deals for You claims that this Sheriff dog costume (which fits any dog up to 25 pounds) is extremely easy to get on and off with it’s velcro closures, and can stay on for bathroom breaks. Can’t you just see your Deputy Sheriff dog in Police Officer Daddy’s squad car this Halloween? ($19.99)


pet halloween costume ideas

Because they already think that they rule the house, right? Not only does this pet costume from Pampered Whiskers come with a royal jeweled hat, but the collar can reverse from Dalmatian to leopard print. Plus, the Etsy shop will donate a portion of the proceeds to animal rescue efforts. ($14.99)


dog costume

The perfect accompaniment to your kid’s renaissance princess, knight or three musketeers costume! The creators behind Matti Online said that this was an award-winning dog costume at a Renaissance Fair contest, and we can definitely see why. While we adore the way it looks on this Basset Hound, the Etsy shop will custom-make it to fit your dog’s measurements. ($75, Matti Online.)


pet costume

Besides Oktoberfest costumes, the Etsy shop Young Urban Puppy also makes a line of Nintendo dog costumes that have us simultaneously awwww-ing and laughing. Like the other Etsy costumes, these can be custom-made to fit your dog.

pet costume

Besides Mario, Young Urban Puppy also makes Luigi, Princess Daisy and Princess Peach costumes for $29.50 each.

pet costume

Or if you prefer, your dog can dress up like a Nintendo Gameboy! (Tell us your son wouldn’t love that idea.)


pet costumes

And for all of you Star Wars fans, how can you resist a Princess Leia, Darth Vadar or Yoda dog costume? (Especially to accompany the little Princess Leia costume we mentioned here or the adorable Yoda hat here.) You can get these at Think Geek for $15.99 each.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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