Top 10 Most Inappropriate Kids Costumes Ever

While looking for’s Best Halloween Costumes of 2010, we came across some rather, well, disturbing costume choices. Some of these are inappropriate but also kind of funny, while others are borderline child abuse. Either way, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Here are the Top 10 most inappropriate halloween costumes for kids and babies:

10. Jersey Shore Baby/ The Situation

baby halloween costume

There’s something kind of funny about dressing up your little one as a Jersey Shore baby — yet unavoidably inappropriate. Although we admit we’d rather see a baby dressed up as The Situation than Snooki. (Order one at

9. Baby Convict

baby costume

Here’s to high hopes, parents. (Halloween Store, $19.99)

8. Diva Pop Star

inappropriate kid costume

We’re not even referring to the belly shirt here — it’s the tacky style that really gets us. Wrong, wrong, wrong. (eBay, $17.99)

7. Lil’ Kim

baby costume

This Lil’ Kim Baby Toupee is awesome as a wig, but as Lil’ Kim? In order to be recognizable, your innocent little girl would need a classic Lil’ Kim outfit — which is where the inappropriateness comes in. Either way, probably not the best role model. (Baby Toupee, $21.99)

6. Gangster

halloween costume ideas

Oh how we look forward to the day our little boy whacks a business partner for the first time. Just…no. (Amazon, $25.21)

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Child Costume

halloween costume for kids

Really? Really?!  (Amazon, 26.99)

4. Bratty Nurse

halloween costume

So by bratty, they mean “naughty,” right? And are the platform shoes really necessary? (, $19.77)

3. Pimp

inappropriate halloween costumes

This isn’t funny, nor is it cute. Do we even need to say why? (, $29.99)

Ok, now brace yourself for the most jaw-droppingly inappropriate costumes….

2.  Terrorist cosume

inappropriate costume

I’m at a loss for words. Inappropriate doesn’t even begin to describe how offensive, insensitive and tasteless this costume idea is. (via

What can be worse than a terrorist suicide bomber, you ask?

1. Hitler

inappropriate halloween costumes

Yes, this actually happened. Somewhere in the world, a parent thought it would be funny to dress up their little boy as HITLER and take picture in front of their dishwasher. And then, to go one step further, post it on the Internet. Wow. (via

For better halloween costume ideas:

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