Top 20 Best Cartoon Characters of All Time

While you’re picking out your cartoon picture for your Facebook profile, remember that there are cartoon characters beyond the decades of your childhood. Spanning from the silent era’s old school cartoon characters to modern day classics (with favorites from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s), here are our picks for the Top 20 Best Cartoons of All Time from A to Z (in no particular order):

1. Mickey Mouse: From the original black-and-white line drawings to today’s computer generated “Hot Dog Dance,” Mickey Mouse is probably the most classic, recognizable cartoon character ever.

2. Smurfette: The entire Smurf gang was my favorite as a child, but I especially loved Smurfette.

3. Wonder Woman. The object of men’s fantasies for decades to come.

4. Daria. Sarcastic, edgy and dark — one of the best adult cartoon characters ever.

best cartoons of the 90s

6.  Betty Boop. There really can’t be a list of classic old school cartoons without Ms. Boop.

7. Felix the Cat. Felix has been a beloved cartoon character since the time of Charlie Chaplin.

8. Jem. The best ’80s cartoon character, without a doubt.

9. Yogi Bear. Kids nowadays will be introduced to Yogi Bear when the new movie comes out next week, but this bear has been stealing picnic baskets since the 1950s.

10.  Care Bears. Ah, Care Bears. Heart-wearming and sweet, a true cartoon classic.

11. Mr Magoo. His antics are still funny through decades of re-runs.

12. Daffy Duck. Classic.

13. Spongebob. A newcomer on the cartoon scene (even though he’s over 10 years old!), Spongebob is carving out a spot for himself among the classic cartoons.

14. Charlie Brown. Another classic cartoon character that must be included.

15. Homer Simpson. Because he’s awesome and always will be.

16. Bugs Bunny. Right up there with Mickey Mouse standards, Bugs Bunny will always be one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time.

17. Bam Bam and Pebbles Flinstone. While the entire Flinstones cast of characters are classic, it’s Bam Bam and Pebbles Flinstone that really stole the show.

18.  Stewie Griffin. Quite different from the Flinstones baby, this diabolical, conniving, hilarious cartoon character is probably the coolest baby ever. Right above Tommy Pickles.

19.  Where’s Waldo? Because we all spent countless hours searching for him.

20. Snoopy. It’s Snoopy; try not to love him.

Which cartoon characters did we miss? Which cartoon character are you picking as your Facebook profile picture?

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