Top 20 Most Forgotten Old Cartoon Characters

Need an original cartoon charachter for your facebook profile? Look no further than here. We’ve rounded up our 20 most forgotten cartoons. It’s like a trip down memory lane! We’ve got Rainbow Brite, He-man and She-ra (By the power of Graskull, I have the power!) And we even have some more obscure cartoons: Kidd Video, Voltron, Heathcliff the Cat, and Captain Planet.

It is a fun little viral campaign that spreads awareness about child abuse. What were your favorite cartoons as a kid? Click through to see all of our picks.

Oh He man! Where can we get your outfit?

Don’t forget She-ra!

Go-go Gadget arm! Inspector Gadget!

Jem and don’t Forget the Holograms!

Heathcliff the Cat (I loved the theme song.)

Might Mouse is here to save the day!

Smurfs (don’t try to bring logic to the one female story plot.)

Gummi Bears Cartoon

Duck Tales (a woo-hoo.) I still want to swim in that pile of money.

Kidd Video “We look like Cartoons!”

Scooby Doo and the GangJetsons (still waiting for our jet packs.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga Dude.

Transformers, More than meets the eye.


Speed Racer

My Little Pony

Care BearsCaptain Planet

GI Joe “Knowing is half the battle”

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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