Top 25 Etsy Moms of 2013

A favorite list of ours here at Babble has been the top Etsy moms list, where we recognize the moms in the marketplace who are creating and selling some of the most original stuff out there. After spending over eight years online curating favorites from Etsy, I am honored to bring you this year’s top 25 Etsy moms of 2013! From the beautiful photography by Alicia Bock (one of Etsy’s first shopkeepers) to the fun onesies from The Wishing Elephant, here are my top picks, in A-Z order!

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  • Alicia Bock Photography | Alicia Bock 2 of 26

    Who: Alicia Bock, mother of 2, ages 10 and 8, Michigan, USA


    Why We Love Her: One of the early "Etsians," Alicia has been inspiring us with her beautiful photography since December 2005! Her use of the viewfinder with its soft and vintage-themed photography has inspired many.


    Shop Here for: Fine art photography for your home


    Signature Item: Through the Viewfinder Series, $35


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Baby Jives | Jahje Ives 3 of 26

    Who: Jahje Ives, mother of 2, Gavril, 4, and Elodie, 1, Philadelphia, PA


    Why We Love Her: Baby Jives creates one-of-a-kind mobiles and artwork to inspire wonder. Handcrafted using natural materials, these modern heirlooms are made to last long after the nursery is gone.


    Shop Here for: Handmade modern mobiles


    Signature Item: Gold Star Cloud Mobile, $50


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • bookhou at home | Arounna Khounnoraj 4 of 26

    Who: Arounna Khounnoraj, mother of two, Lliam, 7, and Piper, 4, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Why We Love Her: Arounna is another inspiring maker who runs a successful online shop as well as a brick and mortar shop in Toronto, Canada, with her husband, designer John Booth. Not only does she hand-sew her unique handbags, aprons and tea towels, she also designs and screen prints all the fabrics (well, with the help of her mother and one employee). Arounna also takes part in most of the art fairs in and around their area, and now the children get involved also making and selling their own things, setting the stage for what we're sure will be an ongoing family business.


    Shop Here for: Hand-sewn and hand-screen-printed bags and totes, aprons, tea towels, and fabric, as well as wood mobiles and other sculptures


    Signature Item: Screen-printed bags (like this Triangle-Print Zip Tote, $94.47)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Cabin + Cub | Valerie Thai 5 of 26

    Who:Valerie Thai, 2 kids, Jasper, 3, and Cedar, 3 months old, Vancouver, B.C.


    Why We Love Her:  Valerie has been kicking out the goods long before her two little ones came along and established a good following, making her business the perfect fit for motherhood. Her adorable bamboo laser-cut earrings, brooches, and cufflinks are one of our favorites with their sweet motifs of woodland forest animals to cheery apple blossoms.


    Shop Here for: A variety of bamboo laser cut earrings, brooches, cufflinks, original art, housewares, and even cake toppers!


    Signature Item: Bamboo laser-cut earrings, brooches, cufflinks (check out these Wise Owl Earrings, $16)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Cathy Nichols | Cathy Nichols 6 of 26

    Who: Cathy Nichols


    Why We Love Her: An Etsian since 2007, Cathy paints the most colorful paintings that depict things like an endless summer, a ride in the park, and true love.


    Shop Here for: Art for your walls


    Signature Item: Whimsical artwork for kids and adults (like this "Hello Summer" Bicycle Print, $28)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Cori Kindred | Cori Kindred 7 of 26

    Who: Cori Kindred, mother of one, Grey, 1 and a half, Portland, OR


    Why We Love Her: She has an eye for spotting the beauty in nature, the delicate and the unique. Also, she implements photography in her work.


    Shop Here for: Rock collection mixed media pieces, mini hand-bound books and beautiful photography


    Signature Item: Rock collection mixed media pieces (especially the "magic" pieces, like this Blue Box Magic Rock Collection, $42)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Decoy Lab | Maiko Kuzunishi 8 of 26

    Who:  Maiko Kuzunishi, mother to a daughter in Kansas City, Missouri.


    Why We Love Her: An Etsian since 2007, Maiko was one of the first people we knew who was made laser-cut products. Her designs and successful business have inspired many.


    Shop Here for: Wooden clocks, original prints, and other fun additions to the house


    Signature Item: Modern Owl Clock, $78


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Gallant and Jones | Partners Gwyn and Tamra 9 of 26

    Who: Gwyn: a mom of two girls, Mabli, 1, and Lona, 1 week old. And Tamra: a mom of 3 boys: twins Dylan and Jack, 6, and Charlie, 5, Vancouver, B.C.


    Why We Love Them: These ladies have brought the romance of outdoor furniture to North America with a beautiful collection of customizable beach chairs, bags and camping gear.


    Shop Here for: OOAK fabric sling and pillow set deck chairs, unique tents, and beautiful towels and bags!


    Signature Item: Deck chairs (like this Striped Acapulco Oak Deck Chair, $248.61) 


    Visit their Etsy shop

  • Gingiber | Stacie Bloomfield 10 of 26

    Who: Stacie Bloomfield, mother of 2, Violet, 4, and Lucy, 22 months, Edmond, OK.


    Why We Love Her: Stacie's illustrated paper goods and home wares draw inspiration from heirloom quilt patterns, wildlife, and curated color palettes.


    Shop Here for: Tea towels and totes, pillows, onesies, and wall art.


    Signature Item: Handmade Fox Pillow, $32


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Heartfish Press | Hijiri K. Shepherd 11 of 26

    Who: Hijiri K. Shepherd, mother of 1, (Almost 2-year-old in October), Brooklyn, NY.


    Why We Love Her: For her positive vibes, bright inks and letterpress. (What more could you ask for?)


    Shop Here for: Letterpress posters and greeting cards


    Signature Item: Live What You Love Poster, $30


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Hettle | Gina Amoroso 12 of 26

    Who: Gina Amoroso, mother of 2, Lucas (11) and Louisa (9), Connecticut, USA


    Why We Love Her: Gina's hand-dyed and screen-printed textiles are filled with fun pops of color and gradient blends making for a beautiful collection for the home and person.


    Shop Here for: Kitchen and table, scarves, bags and pillows.


    Signature Item: Linen Ocean Blue Ombre Clutch, $32


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Dahlhaus | Heather Dahl 13 of 26

    Who: Heather Dahl, 2 school-aged boys, Vancouver, Canada.


    Why We Love Her: She has beautiful, creamy colored ceramics with a mid-century feel. Wheel-thrown, hand-build or slip-cast original designs inspired by Heather's love of spring and gardens, vintage fabric, modern pop art, and color.


    Shop Here for: Ceramic mugs and vases


    Signature Item: Modern Stripe Bottle Vase, $43.75; Turquoise Poppy Mug, $43.75


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • hula 70 | Andrea Corrona Jenkins 14 of 26

    Who: Andrea Corrona Jenkins, mother of two, Ava, 13 and Ezra, 9


    Why We Love Her: Andrea is a lover of color and somehow makes all of her images ooze with it! She's the coolest of moms, the wordsmith of smiths, the person you want to be friends with, and the most amazing photographer!


    Shop Here for: Fine art photography for your walls!


    Signature Item: Polaroid Prints (like this Vintage 8.5 x 11 Print, $25)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Jill Bent 15 of 26

    Who: Jill Bent, 2 kids (daughter age 13 and son age 11), Cambridge, MA


    Why We Love Her: Jill takes the mundane and turns it into something cozy, modern yet, classic. Her beautiful vintage grainsack pillows suit any interior, and with their small imperfections make for a unique home accessory with a sense of history.


    Shop Here for: Grain sack pillows, bags, and hand-knit accessories


    Signature Item: Grain Sack Pillows, $90


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Kiki and Polly | Lisa Golightly 16 of 26

    Who: Lisa Golightly, Portland, Oregon


    Why We Love Her: Lisa's paintings are like memories of one's childhood.  Moments you've secured in your mind from an experience, like that summer you took swimming lessons, or building sandcastles at your favorite beach.  Your favorite swing, target practic at camp, volleyball in highschool. Something we can all relate to and what makes her work so relateable.


    Shop Here for: Art for your wall.


    Signature Item: All Together Print


    Visit her Etsy Shop

  • Leah Giberson 17 of 26

    Who: Leah Giberson, mother of 3 (Jake, 22, Lili, 14, and Hazel, 6), Boston, MA


    Why We Love Her: Leah's amazing talent in the way she paints saturated images of vintage airstreams, trailers and outdoor furniture using an overlaying technique that gives the feel of placing an urban-suburban setting into a painting is incomparable. The painting creates its own world, neither fictional nor real.


    Shop Here for: Fine art and prints for your walls


    Signature Item: Vintage Airstream paintings and prints (like this Limited Edition "With Little One" Print, $35)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Paloma’s Nest | Caroline Colom-Vasquez 18 of 26

    Who: Caroline Colom-Vasquez, mother of 2, Paloma, 6, and Valentín, 20 months old. Based in a sweet seaside town on the Connecticut shoreline.


    Why We Love Her: While Paloma's Nest became known for its heirloom wedding ring bowls, the brand has grown over the years to offer designs for baby, home, and holiday as well. They find their inspiration in creating new traditions for modern families. Their children's furniture is one of their most popular collections, which they are expanding this fall, with new pieces becoming available soon for the holiday season.


    Shop Here for: Custom heirlooms, furniture and interiors


    Signature Item: The Original Ring Bearer Bowl, $48


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Puur Anders | Miranda van Dijk 19 of 26

    Who: Miranda van Dijk, mother of one, Finn, age 4.


    Why We Love Her: Miranda's very original fabric flowers and leaves emit a sense of delicacy with history. Personalize a piece for a keepsake of a loved one, or purchase something pre-made, her work is not only extraordinary but very personal.


    Shop Here for: Personalized brooches and necklaces (even bookmarks)


    Signature Item: Custom-made leaves, fabric flowers, and leaves with photographs printed on them (check out this Personalized Heart-Shaped Leaf Brooch, $41.10)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Renee Anne Bouffard-McManus 20 of 26

    Who: Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus, mother of 2 boys, 9 and 5 years old, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada


    Why We Love Her: Renée Anne brings her paintings and illustrations to life in not only prints but in recycled paper goods, party decor and home accessories that create cherished occasions and events.


    Shop Here for: Paintings, prints, and paper goods for home and occasion


    Signature Item: Late Night Swim, Print of Original Watercolor Painting, $40


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Spool and Sparrow | Julie Lyderson Jackson 21 of 26

    Who: Julie Lyderson-Jackson. mother of 2 girls, Ruby Lyderson-Jackson, 10,  and Iris Lyderson-Jackson, 7, Seattle, WA


    Why We Love Her: Her shop has beautiful handmade screen-printed textile goods for body and home made from linen, hemp, soy, organic cotton, and a bit of leather here and there.


    Shop Here for: Bags, pouches, tea towels, pillows, and storage buckets


    Signature Item: A toss up between pinch-pleated bags with up-cycled leather belt handles (I don't list them often, but they always sell out at shows), pinch-pleated demi aprons and girls' pinch-pleated or ruffled frocks (these items have been with me from day 1) and, among newer items, leather-handled storage buckets.


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Sycamore Street Press | Eva Jorgensen 22 of 26

    Who: Eva Jorgensen, mother of 2, ages 2 and 4 months, Utah, USA


    Why We Love Her: Eva, with her husband Kirk, churns out beautiful letter-pressed cards and prints using illustrations and hand lettering.


    Shop Here for: Letterpress cards, prints, and wrapping paper


    Signature Item: Hand lettered and illustrated letterpress goods (like this Fox Thank You Card, $4.50)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Tortilla Girl 23 of 26

    Who: Becky, mother of two boys, Bordeaux, France


    Why We Love Her: Becky's work is impeccable and beautifully made. We love the natural colors she features in her work, and we appreciate that her items last through multiple seasons.

    Shop Here for: Knit hats, scarves, mittens, and handmade clothing


    Signature Item: Beret-Style Slouch Hat, $54.79, Phrygian-Style Slouch Hat, $47.95, and Lace Bags (not available again until October)


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • Stephanie Levy 24 of 26

    Who: Stephanie Levy, mother of 2 daughters, Sophia and Lucy, Berlin, Germany


    Why We Love Her: Stephanie is not only an amazing artist, but she also supports artists on her blog Artists who Blog featuring them from time to time as well as she teaching the handmade community for the online course Wild Courage.


    Shop Here for: beautiful prints and originals for your walls


    Signature Item: Berlin Limited Edition Print, $30


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • The Wishing Elephant | Carolyn Caffelle 25 of 26

    Who: Carolyn Caffelle, mother of 2, Taylor,2, and MacGregor, 4, New Hampshire


    Why We Love Her: Her handmade onesies have won the heart of and have made appearances on Etsy Finds, Fox News, CNN and Martha Stewart!


    Shop Here for: Adorable onesies and Halloween costumes!


    Signature Item: The Sushi Costume, $42


    Visit her Etsy shop

  • This is All I Know | Amanda Blake 26 of 26

    Who: Amanda Blake, mother of 2 (a boy and a girl), Portland, OR


    Why We Love Her: There's a vintage quality to Amanda's subjects that takes one back to a day of simpler times like vacations by the sea, walks in the park, and hot sunny lazy afternoons. There's a positive spin and story to each painting, leaving the viewer to complete it.


    Shop Here for: Prints of Amanda's original oil paintings


    Signature Item: Rebecca Wore a Dress of Wildflowers, Limited Edition Print, $45


    Visit her Etsy shop

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