Top 7 Most Outrageous Dog Houses

When I was asked to help compile the best pet gifts in this year’s Gift Guide, I came across some rather, well, lavish options. Just as there are $52,000 playhouses for kids, there are extraordinarily extravagant dog houses that make kennels look seriously lame. They’re completely over-the-top, but we just had to share.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 most outrageous luxury dog houses for the spoiled — er, pampered — puppy:

7. Fairytale by Best Friend’s Home

Because when you said you’d treat her like royalty, you meant it. It comes only in a small size for 2400 Euro.

6. Celebrity Georgetown Dog House from Beyond the Crate

Are you ready for this? For a mere $10,000, your dog can have a custom-built mansion equipped with running water (for his toilet, we’re assuming?), electricity, and, of course, heat and air conditioning. Nevermind that the door is wide open. All you need is some furniture and a mini flat screen.

5. Alabama by Best Friend’s Home

Finally a dog house that matches your humble abode. That is what your house looks like, right? It comes in small, medium or extra large for 2.850 to 2.900 Euros.

4. Cubix by Best Friend’s Home

For something more sleek and modern, this Cubix dog house doesn’t have as much privacy, but it sure has style. (S, M, XL for 1.900 to 2.050 Euros.)

3. Luxury Caravan Doghouse by Marco Morosini

Now we know you’ve never seen a dog house like this. Made out of “luxury ceramic,” it’s unequivocally the coolest dog house ever — even if it doesn’t have running water. Find it at Wannekes for 950.00 Euros.

2. Celebrity Brick Estate Dog House fromĀ Beyond the Crate

Again with all of the amenities a four-legged family member doesn’t need, buying this $25,000 brick dog house is like basically asking for neighborhood puppy parties.

1. Celebrity Hacienda Dog House from Beyond the Crate

Yep. This $30,000, fully-loaded dog house actually exists, and it’s probably nicer than anything I’ll ever live in.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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