Top 7 Most Ridiculous Potty Training Products

First we showed you absurd baby products.

Then we topped it off with bizarre mom products that — shockingly — may have been worse.

And now we’re moving on to the most ridiculous potty training products to assist in the diapers-to-toilet transition. Parents today are using more than just training potties and Everybody Poops:

1. Tinkle Tubes

Yes, the Tinkle Tubes can be used as an “emergency potty,” but it’s also used as a “penis extender” for little boys to stand and pee. Even better? Parents no longer have to touch their son’s “little soldier” when helping them urinate. Yes, they said “little soldier.” ($5.99 at Baby Rock Apparel)

2. Potty Mitts

Wait! You forgot your plastic germ shields! And to think we all survived on soap and water alone. ($3.99 for a 20-pack)

3. My Pee Pee Bottle

For something that’s designed to hold urine, they sure make it look like something designed to hold juice.

4. Poteez: The Disposable Potty

Protect your outdoorsy child from the dangers of trees and grass. Instead, have your kids poop in a cardboard box that you’ll then immediately throw in the trash — or leave on the side of the road. Because, really, are you putting a poop-filled cardboard box in your trunk?

5. Peter Potty Urinal

I’m sorry, but if you’re big enough to pee into a stand-up urinal then you’re big enough to use the big boy potty. I don’t need another plastic contraption to clean out. ($39.99)

6. Toilet Buddies

I refuse to believe I have to put hideous stickers all over my toilet in order to get a toddler to potty train — especially when the characters have names like CaCa Cow and Poo P. Bunny. Toilet Buddies even makesĀ ridiculous toilet music.

7. Piddlers Toilet Targets

You could spend $6 on 30 of these toilet targets — or you could spend $4 for a few thousand Cheerios or Fruit Loops targets. Up to you.

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