12 Top Etsy Parents Unveil Their Workspaces — and What They Love About Them

Whether it’s a full-sized, open-plan art studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, or a cozy little corner of peace and quiet in the basement, the space where you do your writing, building, painting, sewing, brainstorming, or just plain unwinding is totally unique. We’ve all got that little slice of heaven where we feel most at ease, most focused, or most inspired to do the things we love. These special spaces are not to be taken for granted, can be hard to find, and are even more important to hold on to.

Our Top 50 Etsy Parents certainly know the value of these happy places. To learn where their Etsy magic happens, we asked them what they love about their workspace or studio — and for a peek inside. Check out where the pros get busy! —By Max Minckler

  • A Work in Progress 1 of 12

    My workspace is always a work in progress, especially now with a 10-month-old baby and another along the way. I had a large studio outside of the house not long ago but moved back home to enjoy the ease of not driving too much and also to help with family. Overall, I love that my space is comfortable and full of light.

    Tara,  INK + WIT

  • Outdoor Studio 2 of 12
    jikits studio 008

    My working studio is the back porch. In Los Angeles, the weather is gorgeous 80 percent of the year, so I'm able to work outdoors and get messy! It also allows for lots of natural light and incorporating nature into my work. This is why you'll notice I use lots of sticks, twigs and vines in my mobiles, most of which come from right here in the backyard. I can also keep an eye on the kids as they play!

    — Kim,  Jikits

  • Close to Home 3 of 12

    I love that my studio is at home and I can access it whenever I feel the urge to be creative. It takes a lot of practice to balance work and family, but having my studio so close to me makes it easier for me to stay productive and be with my husband and children. 

    — Anna,  Anna Joyce

  • Clean and Bright 4 of 12

    At this point I like how my workspace is simple and clean with lots of light. Everything has a place and cleanup is quick, which is super important to me because I also live here and sometimes I need a break from seeing shop supplies all over.

    — Jennifer,  A Merry Mishap

  • Studio Dining Room 5 of 12
    AshleyPahl FS Office 7 (800x600)

    I used to have an entire office to myself, but ultimately I surrendered our third bedroom when my daughters needed space to play. I now utilize what was once an empty corner in our dining room, which has its perks: I never feel like I'm isolated from the rest of the family while I'm working.

    — Ashley,  Ashley Pahl

  • Home Away from Home 6 of 12
    Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.04.32 PM

    Our studio has been our home away from home for the last six years. It's cozy, it perfectly suits our needs, and we especially love the afternoon light.

    — Mara,  Dutch Door Press

  • Netflix Is the Best Fix 7 of 12

    I love my table. It's made with old barn wood and works great for cutting fabric and sewing on. I also wouldn't be able to work without my TV. Netflix is great to have to keep me entertained.

    — Faith,  FaithWorks4u

  • Destination Kids-Zone 8 of 12

    My workshop is really nothing exciting. I share space with my four grandchildren, and, to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love to have them in the room with me, playing and using my toys in all sorts of new ways. Their imagination has helped me create many of the toys I have in my shop. Now, with the birth of our first granddaughter, I can't wait to see what wonderful new ideas she brings with her.

    — Rebecca,  Hopewell Creek

  • Those Special Touches 9 of 12

    Well, it's cozy, 190 square feet, leaks in the winter, and is crammed with equipment … but it's all ours!

    — David and Adrienne,  Manzanita Kids

  • Don’t Forget Your Favorite Things 10 of 12
    bureau 2

    I have my own little workroom. It's not huge, but it has everything I need. I love the fact that all my craft and sewing materials surround me, and my sewing machine is at the ready for a new project.

    — Erika,  Mikodesign

  • A Hideaway at Home 11 of 12

    It's a bright space in our home filled with sewing machines, tables, and way too much fabric. I love that I can access it anytime of day, for as little or as long as I want to. I spend most nights in there — once the little one is asleep you'll find me listening to music while sewing along.

    — Kerstin,  Paul and Paula

  • Bookspace Means Workspace 12 of 12

    My workspace is cozy with lots of bookshelves and filled with old books, my clown collection, and all kinds of little things that make me smile. I share it with my 8-year-old daughter, Lizzie. We have a 10-foot worktable that my husband put together for us so we can craft side by side.

    — Suzanna,  Sushipot Vintage

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