Top Ten Manly Father's Day Gifts

Hmm, father’s day is around the corner and you’re a little stuck for gift ideas this year. You’d love to get him something from you and the kiddo(s) to show your appreciation for all that he does, but how many BBQ tools, ties, and bacon candy bars does one man need? I’ve got you covered. Here are ten ultra manly father’s day gifts that will make his chest swell with masculine pride. Find out where to snag our Top Ten Manly Father’s Day Gifts after the jump…

  • Molla Space Animal Shot Glasses, $28 1 of 10
    Molla Space Animal Shot Glasses, $28
    Everything about these screams MAN.
  • The Field House Bone Handled Knife, $48 2 of 10
    The Field House Bone Handled Knife, $48
    This is just a good looking knife, and love the message it is packed with: "It is traditionally believed that the giving of a knife as a gift to a friend will cut or sever the relationship. To avoid such ill luck, the recipient should give a coin in return so as to "pay" for the gift. It is common to include a coin with the knife as a gift which the recipient is to return as "payment".
  • From Hieroglyphics to Isotype: A Visual Autobiography. 3 of 10
    From Hieroglyphics to Isotype: A Visual Autobiography.
    "From 1943 until his death in December 1945, Austrian sociologist Otto Neurath worked tirelessly on numerous versions of an innovative visual autobiography entitled From Hieroglyphics to Isotype. Now, sixty-five years later, comes the first publication of his full text, carefully edited from the original manuscripts. This edition highlights the important role visual material played in Neurath's life—from his earliest years to his professional work on the Isotype picture language." Super cool.
  • Blackbird Mending Kit, $35. 4 of 10
    Blackbird Mending Kit, $35.
    Who knew a sewing kit could look so manly? This might surprise you, but I learned how to sew AFTER my husband, who inspired me with his ability to alter his own jeans. Every man should be able to sew a lost button back on, and with a kit this manly, he will.
  • A subscription to Inventory Magazine. 5 of 10
    A subscription to Inventory Magazine.
    "Inventory was created as an extension of the culture and lifestyle we're a part of. We value products and clothing for more than just their appearance, admiring how they're made, by whom, and why." About as manly as a fashion magazine gets.
  • Log Box, $20 6 of 10
    Log Box, $20
    A manly way to store trinkets.
  • Zombie DVD Collection. 7 of 10
    Zombie DVD Collection.
    Make your own box set. Be sure to include Dawn of the Dead/Land of the Dead, Day of The Dead, 28 Days Later, Re-animator, Army of Darkness, Night of the Living Dead, Dead Alive — and just for fun, I'd throw in Shaun of the Dead.
  • A Pendleton Blanket 8 of 10
    A Pendleton Blanket
    The manliest of blankets.
  • Concrete Rings, $100 9 of 10
    Concrete Rings, $100
    If he wears jewelry, he will love a ring made of concrete.
  • Map Handkerchief, $8.50 10 of 10
    Map Handkerchief, $8.50
    I say a real man has a handkerchief on hand for runny kid noses. These maps of major cities are the manliest I've found.

Top Ten Manly Father’s Day Gifts

Molla Space Animal Shot Glasses

The Field House Bone Handled Knife

From Hieroglyphics to Isotype: A Visual Autobiography.

Blackbird Mending Kit

Inventory Magazine

Log Box

Zombie Box Set:

Dawn of the Dead/ Land of the Dead

Day of The Dead

28 Days Later


Army of Darkness

Night of the Living Dead

Dead Alive

Shaun of the Dead

Pendleton Blanket

Concrete Rings

Map Handkerchief


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