Top Toy Pick of the Year: Makedo

Toy Car made from cardboard boxes and Makedo freeplay setRecipe for a toy car:

1. Rescue two cardboard boxes from the recycling bin

2. Add in one Freeplay kit from Makedo

3. Combine

Enterprising parents have been making toys, costumes, and all manner of play furniture with household castoffs (boxes, milk jugs, paper towel rolls) for ages, but this Australian company has taken the idea a step further, making the whole process easier, and more fun. Their kits consist of three elements—joints, connectors, and a kid-safe saw/puncture tool. So simple, but so efficient at turning just about anything into something cooler.

Toy elephant made with Makedo freeplay set

As of now the Freeplay sets are sold through Makedo’s Australian website (don’t worry, the prices include shipping and are very reasonable), but will be popping up Stateside in August. Also coming in August, guided Find & Make sets for parents who could use a little help getting from point A to point B. These sets will tell you exactly what to find, and exactly how to make whatever kit you choose (options include robots, toy houses, and flowers). Let the making begin.

Freeplay Kit for One from Makedo

Photos: Makedo

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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