Two Books Every Parent Should Consider Reading: Including the "Big Talk"

As a parent, it’s tough to discern which parenting books to buy and which ones to pass over.  What’s fluff?  and what’s worth your precious, limited time?  While parenting is a personal process and approached differently by all, here are a couple of book titles worth considering.  The first is a sleeping book–one I’m consulting often these days (I have a newborn babe)–and the most helpful of all the sleeping books I’ve consulted over the years.  The second book comes highly recommended by several trusted sources on how to teach your child about sex–a delicate issue any way you look at it!

Both books can be priced lower if you’re willing to opt for a secondhand copy.  Also, if these books aren’t up your alley philosophy-wise, hopefully other reviews will lead you in the direction you seek.  Good luck! 

How to Talk to Your Child about Sex: It’s Best to Start Early, But it’s Never Too Late– $10.64 – according to this auther, the best time to engage in the “big talk” is at age 8.  If you find this approach isn’t your style, there are a few reviews that will steer you in a different direction.

Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child – $16.47 – I love this book because it tackles all sorts of sleeping subjects like, “what to do when you have two kids sharing a room”, and “what to do when you’re on vacation in a different time zone”, and “what are my options when it comes to sleep training?”.  I’ve consulted this book for newborns and for 6-year-olds too.  It’s been a great source and I review it after I have each baby.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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