Ugly or Awesome? 10 Christmas Sweaters

I get invited to about 3 Ugly Christmas Sweater parties every year. So I like to have them on hand because they can be hard to find when you actually need them. If you don’t have time to hit the the thrift stores early this year take your pick of these lovelies online.

  • Red Reindeer 1 of 10
    Red Reindeer
    This cozy zip sweater needs a preppy collared shirt underneath to complete the look.
    From eBay
  • Candy Canes 2 of 10
    Candy Canes
    There is something a little sickly about the green in those candy canes.
    From eBay
  • Hand-Knit Reindeer 3 of 10
    Hand-Knit Reindeer
    This hand-knit beauty has tons of rustic appeal.
    From eBay
  • Plaid Christmas Tree 4 of 10
    Plaid Christmas Tree
    This reminds me so much of the early nineties.
    From eBay
  • Red and Black Snowflakes 5 of 10
    Red and Black Snowflakes
    There is something a little sinister about the black and red combo in this sweater, isn't there?
    From eBay
  • Red and Green 6 of 10
    Red and Green
    If you're indecisive, this sweater's got a little of everything.
    From eBay
  • Reindeer Turtleneck 7 of 10
    Reindeer Turtleneck
    I hate to admit that I find this one pretty charming!
    From eBay
  • Santa’s Sleigh 8 of 10
    Santa's Sleigh
    Does this remind anyone else of a Christmas coloring book?
    From eBay
  • Stockings, Trees, and Poinsettias 9 of 10
    Stockings, Trees, and Poinsettias
    There is so much going on here!
    From eBay
  • Two-Tone Snowflake 10 of 10
    Two-Tone Snowflake
    I think those are pom-poms on the snowflake!
    From eBay


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