Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Guys Under $50

No need to panic about what to get your special guy this Valentine’s Day, since we’ve done the work for you. A book about meat might be his cup of tea, or a horse head mask perhaps? I gave my husband one for Christmas and I’m pretty sure it was his favorite gift yet. Surprise him with a classic snapback hat of his favorite sports team, or a set of three iPhone lenses (fisheye, telephoto, macro/wide). You can find a gift for every kind of guy in this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Guys Under $50…

  • Whiskey Ball Mold 1 of 25
    Whiskey Ball Mold
    Create ice ball molds that melt very slowly so your whiskey has the perfect taste and chill.
    Buy it for $12.86 at Amazon.
  • Knife Sharpener 2 of 25
    Knife Sharpener
    He can keep his knives in great shape with a sharpener.
    Buy it for $19.95 at West Elm.
  • Horse Head Mask 3 of 25
    Horse Head Mask
    This was one of Carleton's favorite Christmas gifts this past year. Who wouldn't want a horse head?
    Buy it for $26.69 at Amazon.
  • Beer Holster 4 of 25
    Beer Holster
    He can keep six 12 oz canned drinks right by his side at all times.
    Buy it for $1.82 at Amazon.
  • Book About Meat 5 of 25
    Book About Meat
    The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing, and Sausage Making: How to Harvest Livestock & Wild Game is a great place to start.
    Buy it for $14.73 at Amazon.
  • Emergency Fire Starters 6 of 25
    Emergency Fire Starters
    You can never be too prepared.
    Buy it for $8.83 at Amazon.
  • iPhone Lenses 7 of 25
    iPhone Lenses
    Give him a fisheye, telephoto, and wide/macro lens to use on his iPhone.
    Buy the complete set for $49 at Photojojo.
  • Stanley Classic Flask 8 of 25
    Stanley Classic Flask
    This classic flask comes complete with a retro design and an engravable base.
    Buy it for $21.37 at Amazon.
  • Flash Drive 9 of 25
    Flash Drive
    This flash drive comes with a high quality protected case to ensure that all his information will stay well protected.
    Buy it for $13.88 at Ankaka.
  • Bottle Opener Key Chain 10 of 25
    Bottle Opener Key Chain
    A bottle opener key chain is sure to come in handy more than once.
    Buy it for $48 at Coach.
  • iPad Case Cover 11 of 25
    iPad Case Cover
    The Sharkk iPad case cover stand + screen protector will keep his iPad in pristine condition, especially if you have some little ones running around.
    Buy it for $32.12 at Amazon.
  • Eye Glasses Cleaning Kits 12 of 25
    Eye Glasses Cleaning Kits
    Smudges and streaks won't be a problem with this portable kit.
    Buy it for $15 at Oakley.
  • Shoe Shine Kit 13 of 25
    Shoe Shine Kit
    He can keep his nice shoes looking spic and span all the time with this travel kit.
    Buy it for $29.95 at eFlasks.
  • Laptop Decals 14 of 25
    Laptop Decals
    Check out the selection of Banksy laptop decals to choose from.
    Buy it for $12 at Banksy Decals.
  • Camera Coffee Mug 15 of 25
    Camera Coffee Mug
    Since you might not be able to get him the Leica he's always wanted, get him the Leica lens coffee mug instead.
    Buy it for $36. 95 at Amazon.
  • French Press 16 of 25
    French Press
    Pick him up a Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press to make delicious coffee (for you!).
    Buy it for $39.98 at Amazon.
  • Snapback Hat 17 of 25
    Snapback Hat
    He can proudly sport his favorite team with on a new snapback hat.
    Buy it for $19.50 at Mitchell & Ness.
  • Pomade 18 of 25
    Pick him up a new pomade that will do wonders for his hair.
    Buy it for $24.95 at Amazon.
  • Phone Case 19 of 25
    Phone Case
    This iPhone case can also hold his cards so he doesn't have to carry around a wallet and phone.
    Buy it for $39.95 at Hex.
  • Zippo Lighter 20 of 25
    Zippo Lighter
    Pick him up a Zippo chrome pocket lighter to use instead of a plastic one.
    Buy it for $9.57 at Amazon.
  • Shave Kit 21 of 25
    Shave Kit
    This highly rated shave kit comes with a 100% pure badger brush, apothecary mug, shave soap, and brush and razor stand.
    Buy it for $32.32 at Amazon.
  • Guitar Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board 22 of 25
    Guitar Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board
    The only way a musician lover can truly cook.
    Buy it for $29.99 at Amazon.
  • Knit Scarf 23 of 25
    Knit Scarf
    It also comes in black and mustard.
    Buy it for $34 at Urban Outfitters.
  • Moscow Mule Copper Mug 24 of 25
    Moscow Mule Copper Mug
    Surprise him with this new copper cup by making him a delicious Moscow (or Irish) Mule.
    Buy it for $22.95 at Amazon.
  • Pocket Knife 25 of 25
    Pocket Knife
    Here's a pocket knife he can have forever. It's a double blade, rosewood handle, with nickel silver bolster pocket knife.
    Buy it for $42 at Best Made Co..

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