Verizon iPhone 4: Pros & Cons

Are you looking to buy the Verizon iPhone 4? Here are a few pros and cons of getting the iPhone. They finally announced that the iPhone 4 is coming Feb. 10th. Current Verizon customers will be able to pre-order on Feburary 3rd. Will you get this phone or wait for the iPhone 5?

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  • Verizon iPhone will do nothing but good for Apple
  • A Verizon iPhone would create a surge of new customers loyal to the carrier, and that could expand even further if Apple also unleashes a CDMA-packing iPad 2 in the first quarter of this year, as widely expected (or hey, we’d happily take a 4G LTE model, too)
  • Arrival of the iPhone on their network will surely be extra incentive for those who have considered jumping ship from actually doing so
  • Suggestions that Verizon’s iPhone could even be a global model: so customers could take their device overseas and use local SIM cards to save big, all without the need to jailbreak and unlock their handset.
  • Allowing customers to officially unlock their devices without jailbreaking
  • Competition for iPhone customers could benefit consumers with lower prices

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  • A mass exodus of AT&T customers to the Verizon iPhone could wreak havoc on Big Red’s network and quickly shift the direction of a lot of the hate laid at AT&T’s feet all this time.
  • AT&T’s entire business will come crashing down around it when they lose their envied iPhone exclusivity
  • However, perhaps the joke will be on Verizon customers instead. Apple will surely release an iPhone 5 in June of this year, in keeping with their annual refresh schedule. Even if Verizon gets a slightly better iPhone 4 now, those early adopters may feel cheated in a few months when the iPhone 5 comes along

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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