Verizon iPhone Apps to Entertain and Teach Your Kids

Busy parent? There's an app for that!

Today, Verizon announced that the new iPhone 4 will be the newest addition to its line-up of smartphones. If you’re planning to buy the new iPhone on February 3, or if you already have an iPhone, take a look at some of these great apps for moms and dads!

1. Babyphone – Turn your iPhone into a baby monitor with this app.  It will call you on your home phone when your baby wakes up!

2. iWriteWords – Are your kids too young to read or write yet? Give them a boost up using this app, teaching them how to write letters and words correctly through a fun drag-and-draw game. Each correctly written letter will animate and entertain your child.

3. Old MacDonald – Start a sing-a-long! This app could entertain a toddler for hours with 35 illustrated landscapes. Listen to the classic tune in five different languages or record a duet.

4. Signing Time ASL – This app will help your baby “speak” before his first word. Signing Time helps young children develop language skills by teaching them through flashcards the hand signs for different words.

5. Elmo’s Monster Maker – Elmo will help your kids make new furry friends with this fun app. Encourage your kids’ creative skills as they give their monster a body, a nose, eyes and a hat. When they’re done with the creation, it will sing and dance for them!

Now, if only the new iPhone could change diapers or drive your kids to school…

Photo: Flickr/Yutaka Tsutano

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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