Vintage Children’s Clothing on Etsy: 15 Favorites

Shopping consignment stores and thrift shops for kids clothes is really smart since they outgrow things so quickly. Plus, you can find vintage clothing that is oozing with style, pretty inexpensively. I was pretty smitten with what I found on Etsy today. Take a look and be sure to snatch something up if you like it, good vintage finds don’t sit around for long!

  • Blue Cotton Romper 1 of 15
    Blue Cotton Romper
    I love it when kids are dressed in clothing that looks like children's clothing and not like mini adults. This cotton 1950's romper is the sweetest. It works for boys or girls 6-18 months.
    $18.00 at Salvage House
  • Blue Leather Shoes 2 of 15
    Blue Leather Shoes
    These classic leather shoes are from the 80's. They pretty much look good with everything.
    £20.00 at Pemmy's Emporium
  • Khaki Romper 3 of 15
    Khaki Romper
    This 1940's two piece button-up is so cute and classic! Pair with French leather sandals for a classic look.
    $18.00 at Salvage House
  • 1940’s Smocked Dress 4 of 15
    1940's Smocked Dress
    This sweet floral dress features a delicate blue floral pattern.
    $18.00 at Salvage House
  • 1970’s Dolphin Rumper 5 of 15
    1970's Dolphin Rumper
    This is the perfect summer play suit! Buy now and save for warmer months!
    $10.00 at Salvage House
  • Toggle Coat 6 of 15
    Toggle Coat
    Toggle coats are timeless and this one features a wonderful tweed fabric.
    $45 at Mardy Stark
  • Green Cord Jumper 7 of 15
    Green Cord Jumper
    Pair this jumper with navy tights and a Peter Pan collar blouse for a classic look. The loose style makes it perfect for school or play.
    $26 at Mardy Stark
  • Black Leather Oxfords 8 of 15
    Black Leather Oxfords
    These are the perfect everyday shoes for your little one. They look great with skinny jeans or dresses!
    $20 at Mary Beth Hale
  • Cable Knit Sweater 9 of 15
    Cable Knit Sweater
    Keep your little guy or girl warm this winter in this vintage cable knit sweater from the 70's.
    $8 at Just Kidding Vintage
  • Lace Up Boots 10 of 15
    Lace Up Boots
    These prairie boots are so cute! Pair them with leggings and dresses.
    $34 at Just Kidding Vintage
  • Fur Hat 11 of 15
    Fur Hat
    This is such a stylish way to keep warm!
    $27 at Just Kidding Vintage
  • Plaid Coat 12 of 15
    Plaid Coat
    Mix and match this swing plaid coat with bright tights and dresses for a kid-friendly look.
    $34 at Just Kidding Vintage
  • 1970’s Corduroy Parka 13 of 15
    1970's Corduroy Parka
    Everything old is new again! This 70's design is really current and looks adorable with little dresses and tights or t-shirts and skinny jeans.
    $25 at Just Kidding Vintage
  • Bright Patterned Sweater 14 of 15
    Bright Patterned Sweater
    Pair this sweater with skinny jeans and sneakers for a fun winter look. It works for boys or girls.
    $12 at Just Kidding Vintage
  • Green, Red and Yellow Sundress 15 of 15
    Green, Red and Yellow Sundress
    Save this one for summer. Pair it with Saltwater sandals for a child-friendly ensemble.
    $54 at Just Aiseirigh

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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