Vive La French Sailor T-shirt

The French sailor shirt immortalized by Picasso is certainly having a moment right now. (As are other nods to the nautical).  And so, given today is Bastille Day, I thought it only appropriate to celebrate the virtues of this classic and stylish top—throw one on over white jeans, shorts or a swimsuit, and you look effortlessly cool.  I bought my first one in my early 20’s when I was visiting my father and step mother who had just moved to Nice, France. This happened to be around the time that Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” video came out, so I wore mine that summer with Levi’s 501 cut-offs and red lipstick. (I added the black leather motorcycle jacket and swapped the shorts for rolled up jeans once Fall hit.)
I still mourn the loss of that shirt which disappeared during one of my many moves in those nomad days. I have had my eye on the St. James sailor shirt that J.Crew is selling this summer, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger just yet. Perhaps that is because I am planing a trip to visit family in the Cote D’Azur in August. And, while the allure of instant gratification—relatively speaking—of ordering one on-line  is strong, I somehow feel compelled to recreate that summer back in the 80’s. Complete with 501 cut-offs.

See more versions of the Classic French sailor shirt after the jump.

I love this one by Joseph because it is longer than the classic which makes it even better to pair with skinny jeans or over a swimsuit. $155. Net-A-Porter.com

LL Bean’s French sailor shirt is priced so you can indulge in more than one color. $34.50. llbean.com

Gryphon’s glam version complete with sequins is 50% off. Snap up this steal at Singer 22. $212. singer22.com

This year’s model of the classic St. James is beautiful shade of Mediterranean blue. $115. stjamesboutique.com

The Meridien shirt is a traditional breton fishing shirt from Brittany.  $47.50. brittanyboutique.com

photo one: jcrew.com, photo two: netaporter.com, photo three: llbean.com, photo four: singer22.com,  photo five: stjamesboutique.com, photo six: brittanyboutique.com

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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