Kid-Made DIY: Washi Tape Valentines

image source: nichole redinger
image source: nichole redinger

Do you know all the names and faces of the other kids in your child’s class? It’s mid-year, and I do not. I’m also sure that there are other parents that have no idea which one is my kid. That’s why this year, instead of just picking up a box of generic superhero valentines for school, we’ll be making something a bit more personal.

I recently learned that you can transfer text onto washi tape from an inkjet-printed page. This seemed perfect for our valentines. Washi tape comes in an endless array of beautiful colors and is very kid-friendly. We use it for everything at our house!

Follow along with us to make these quick, easy Valentine’s Day cards that will make your kid’s friends giggle and help build a little community with their parents.

Washi Tape Valentines


  • Wallet-size photos of your kid (print your own or service print them)
  • Inkjet printer
  • High-quality printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Assorted washi tape, 1/2″ wide
  • 1 pack 3 x 5″ blank index cards
  • Glue stick


Step 1: The Photo Shoot

The first thing you will need is an array of silly pictures of your kid. For ours, I taped a blanket up on the wall to make a backdrop. Taking the photos outside also works great for lighting, but it was snowing here on the day we tackled this project.

Choose your favorite ones and print wallet-sized copies. Wallet size is usually the same size as a business card, which is 2 x 3″. Your kid can help cut them out.

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Image Source: Nichole Redinger

Step 2: Fun with Fonts

While you’re on the computer, type up a few pages of wording for your valentines. You can make phrases into a variety of different fonts, just make sure they are not taller than 1/2″. Print out the text, being sure to use an inkjet printer. We discovered the hard way that using a better quality printer paper is important. A cheaper, recycled paper will rip when you are trying to remove the washi tape.

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Image Source: Nichole Redinger

Step 3: Transfer the Text

Cut a length of washi tape to fit over your desired text phrase. Gently lay the washi tape over the text and lightly rub it to smooth. Don’t press too hard or the tape will not peel back up! Slowly remove the tape from the text. The ink should transfer onto your tape.

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Image Source: Nichole Redinger

Step 4: Get Creative

Use the washi tape words and the wallet-sized photos to decorate the index cards. Add anything else you would like. Glitter, stickers, and googly eyes all work great!

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Image Source: Nichole Redinger
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