Watercolor Gift Bags For Every Occasion

Watercolor gift bags

As a self-proclaimed party girl, I pretty much squealed with delight at the sight of these watercolor gift bags. Aren’t they fun? I love a great DIY wrapping job. It makes the gift that much more special and thoughtful for the one receiving it. They are super easy to make, fast, and really fun. All you need is some white paper gift bags, watercolor paints, water, a paint brush, and about five minutes of free time. I am heading to the party store as soon as possible to see if I can get some of these white paper bags. They would be the perfect thing to have on hand and ready to customize for any special someone who might be having a birthday, a wedding anniversary, baby shower, etc. I’m serious folks, these gift bags are perfect for every occasion!

Easy watercolor gift bags

Probably my favorite thing about them is that they are totally customizable. You can paint on anything you would like — assuming you have some watercolor painting skills! Which I have very, very little. These bags were made for a little boy’s birthday party. He was turning five, and like every kid, he loves seeing his name. So Kersey painted the bags accordingly, and lo and behold he adored them! You could paint them with some pretty ombre for a friend’s baby shower or cover one with some fun and colorful balloons. There are so many ideas, you really can’t go wrong with this one!

And if you are thinking you don’t have time, so you’ll just buy a bag from the store and call it good, think again. These gift bags literally take minutes to make! If you have any experience with watercolor — hello, elementary school art class! — then you know you can do this in a few minutes, let it dry, and prep the bags for gifting. There isn’t a whole lot I love more than a super easy DIY. And it really doesn’t get much easier than this one! My little guy’s birthday is coming up, and I am set on making a few bags with some fun, super simple pictures of his favorite animals.

What do you think? Want to give it a try? What would you paint and for what special person would you paint them for?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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